Starting Day Nursery (Part 1)

Starting nursery is a big step and any preparation at home is vital both for the child and the parents



Talking through any new situation is very important to prepare the child for new changes in their life. Talk about what happens at nursery whilst they are there and what sort of activities they will be doing, making it sound exciting, adventurous and most importantly very natural for their age and stage in life.

Talk with your child

Reading books with a child about starting nursery is important, getting them to tell you what they are worried or scared about. Ask them questions like…. What toys/activities are you looking forward to playing with at nursery?

This helps you to understand their thoughts about starting nursery and can allow you to comfort them in the correct areas of concern. Each child is different and it is important to remember this and not compare them to others. They will deal with nursery in their own way and time with your support.

The 1st day is all about them

When leaving your child for the 1st day it is important for it to be exciting and full of fun. Any fears and worries that you have must be put aside until you are on your own away from your child.

Children can sense this and will feel concern if they see yours. A big kiss and a cuddle is what they need. Show them some exciting things in the nursery room, look where their peg is, hang up their coats.

Reassurance all the way

Reassurance is a must. Explain where you are going - say you are popping home but you will be straight back to pick them up after they have had fun.

Tell them you can't wait to see their paintings etc. Tell them that you love them and you will miss them. But most importantly let the nursery staff help - they may ask if the child wants to wave at the window. Above all be reassuring and confident in yourself as your child will pick up on this and hopefully have lots of fun.

In the next part of this blog I will talk about the importance of socialising with other children and other ways that will help your child to feel settled at nursery.

If you want help in finding a suitable nursery, or if your child is off sick from nursery, call your local Tinies agency for help, advice and emergency childcare.

Katy Hayden, Professional Nanny of the Year 2009-2010

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