Starting Day Nursery (Part 2)

My earlier blog talked about preparation for the big day, now I want to briefly go into some important points to help both you and your child cope with this next stage in their lives



Peers for you and them

Making friends with other nursery parents for both you and your child's needs is a good idea. It allows you to be able to share a very important and emotional time with others who are experiencing it too.

Friendships are important to children and meeting outside with other parents and class peers is vital. It helps the child to become familiar with their peers and also allows you to see your child happy with other children and make a social life outside the nursery.

There will always be a parent who is feeling the same as you and can give you support, reassurance and guidance through this big emotional step for both you and your child.

Name labels

It is important for your child to know their belongings. Name tags are very important but to help your child locate their belongings easily, maybe add an image like a flower or car so that they can recognise it easily. A child may not know what their name looks like straight away and they can get very distressed if they think they have lost their jumper or wearing someone else's.

And for you left behind

Keep busy, stay occupied and plan some activities for yourself. Maybe arrange to go for a coffee with the other new mums, a bit of shopping or some pampering to take your mind off it.

Final thoughts

Starting nursery is a big step but working with and supporting your child is all you need to do. Talk with the nursery and nursery staff, and get to know them well. Find out at the end of each day what your child especially like doing that day, or if they had played with a particular child.

You can then ask your child specific questions and start building up a happy picture of their time at nursery. If you ever have any concerns, immediately speak to staff members - they will have heard them before and will be ready to help.

Nursery closed? Need emergency childcare?

Tinies runs an emergency childcare service. If your child is off nursery and you have to be at work or have an appointment that can't be missed, then call your local Tinies agency who can arrange immediate childcare cover.

Katy Hayden, Professional Nanny of the Year 2009-2010

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