Starting Secondary School: The Big Leap!

It can't be happening. Where on earth have the last six years gone? Yet gone they have; vanished into thin air, leaving only a sentimental cloud of memories in their wake



Leaving primary school...

I'm talking about the impending transition into secondary school of course. The time has come for my rapidly growing son to take that gigantic step from the cuddly community of his primary school into the vast, intimidating arena of secondary education.

That first day at secondary school

I can remember in detail my first day at senior school. All the days after that are a blur of course, but that first one remains animated and clear in my mind.

I remember the people I sat with, the position of the desk at which we sat, the huge metal framed window to our right, the smell of freshly cut grass wafting in, the enormous roll down blackboard and the feel of strange new work books.

Then there's your new uniform; spotlessly clean, stiff, starchy and alien until the end of that first day when it's covered in grass stains, metal work grease and school dinner.

Getting prepared to leave primary school

One big concern for my son is that he will be the only child from his school going. All the others are off to local catchment or different grammar schools so it will be extra tough for him on his first day.

It's all very scary, there's no doubt about it but the new school have been absolutely brilliant in doing all they can to make my son's transition to secondary as smooth as possible - a far cry from my old school's approach which was one parent/child induction evening back in July then thrown straight in on September 4th. Heaven forbid being the only one going there!

Luckily, secondary schools are now more forward thinking

Here, there have already been two induction days, and in September the school have arranged a transition trip: two days spent bonding with your new peers over assault courses, climbing walls, zip slides, rafts and camp fires!

I must say I'm very impressed and grateful that nowadays senior schools seem to realise the importance of getting over the early nerves and anxieties that children face when up against such significant change. By doing so, suddenly it doesn't feel quite so scary any longer and they can relax a little, enjoy the experience and look forward to new challenges rather than dreading them.

This is an exciting time and one that will stay in their memories for ever. Good luck to all primary school leavers this summer - it will be fine!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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