Stranded in London without Childcare

A true test of a good nanny is how they react when you call them to say you can't make it home!



Yesterday a burst water main created a mud slide across railway lines down to the South of England.

Visiting Tinies Norfolk

I was coming back from visiting our wonderful Tinies Norfolk nanny agency branch, only to be confronted by chaos at Victoria Station. All trains to the South Coast (where I live) had been cancelled. My husband was also stranded in London, and we were due to be home to take over from our nanny at 7pm.

My wonderful nanny to the rescue!

I don't know why I worried, as she could not have been more accommodating when I called.

She really is incredible. I spoke to my sons and they were so excited that their nanny was having a sleepover. I got to hear all about their day, and although I felt guilty not being there to put them to bed, I knew they were in excellent hands.

In the end, my husband and I had an impromptu dinner together, sitting in the London sunshine. So from a bad situation some good came out of it!

I just hope that I can make it home today...

Oh, and if you ever find yourself stranded in London without childcare, why not give one of Tinies nanny agencies in London a quick call.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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Tinies provided a crèche during my wedding, the parents who were using it gave excellent feedback. I was particularly impressed by the support and communication in the run-up to the day, which was sensible, clear and supportive and made us feel as though we were in safe hands.
Magdalen, Bath