Summer Camps in the Holidays

The summer holidays are looming, and already I'm looking at my diary and panicking. Every year I promise to be organised and ready for the holidays, and every year I'm not



The summer is a very busy time for Tinies, and I spend most of it travelling around the country visiting our agency branches.

That often means leaving at 5am to catch a flight, or start a long day's drive. If my husband is also away, that presents some interesting childcare problems.

Our lovely nanny!

We are very fortunate to have probably the most accommodating nanny in the world, who will get up at the crack of dawn to drive to our house. I presented her with my schedule of travel for this summer, with all the early start times, and she didn't even flinch.

Summer activity camps

But all the early starts makes it very tiring for her, so this summer I'm going to be booking my children into summer activity camps as well. This will give my nanny a bit of a break, but also makes use of all the variety of activities on offer near us.

We live by the sea, so the first camp I checked out was the sailing one. I then got carried away, as they also offer windsurfing and kayaking and all sorts, so that is 3 weeks of activities I've now signed him up for.

There is also an amazing tennis club for children down here, so both boys have got a week of tennis lined up. That still leaves football, cricket, swimming camps etc - the list goes on and on, as does the cost!  So enough is enough. It's not my nanny being tired that I have to worry about now, but the kids!

Tinies runs many creches and holiday clubs as an employee benefit for companies around the country

In London our Holiday Club in Westminster has recently opened to the general public.

So if you live or work near Westminster, check it out. And if you think it would be a good idea for your employer to provide school holiday cover and other childcare benefits to its staff, point them towards My Family Care.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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The whole kids programme went great - we were really pleased with everything from start to finish. The crèche built a great level of confidence amongst the children.
Mike, Ataxia, Hertfordshire