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Nannies are often seen as a luxury item for a household, but nowadays with both parents often working long hours they become a bit of a necessity



When we first took over Tinies in 2000, our nanny agencies in London would place most of the nannies with families where the mum didn't work but wanted time to herself - labelled by the press as the "ladies who lunch" brigade.

Now our clients are pretty much all working mums and dads who have to have childcare as a necessity.

There is however a number of families who have school age children and manage to struggle on during term time without childcare. They rely on school buses, school clubs, family and friends to juggle the care.

However, come the school holidays, all those juggling balls come crashing down. 

Juggling work, family, children… and childcare

I remember clearly one incident. A mother phoned us in a total panic one day in the summer. She had been so stressed at work that she had completely forgotten to sort out any childcare for her son, who was breaking up from school that day.

She was in the middle of a completion (she was a corporate lawyer) and her husband was abroad on business. With no family close by to help out, she didn't know what to do. Within 24 hours, we had placed a nanny with her, and she was able to start to breathe again!

Hiring a nanny for the holidays

Over the years, we have seen our Holiday Nanny service grow in popularity. And it is not just parents who need childcare in the UK that call us either.

We often get requests from families who are going abroad on holiday and would like to take a nanny with them to help out.

This is particularly popular where 2 or more families are hiring a villa together and the thought of having to corral 8 or more children every day didn't seem like much of a "holiday"!

I'm going skiing this Christmas with my family and my sister's family. I'm already enquiring as to what childcare help we can rustle up!

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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