Tales of a WhatsApp Auntie - Breakfast at Bradley's

Chilling with my nephew on Saturday morning as he goes about his routine is so much fun... just wish we were in the same room



It's Saturday afternoon, and I'm cleaning my flat when I hear the familiar "beep beep" of my phone - is it yet another amazon alert or does someone actually want to talk to me... either way I welcome the distraction.

It's a WhatsApp alert...

Bradley's up (remember he's 5 hours behind) and eating breakfast and he'd love for his Auntie to join him - well his Dad would like me to join them as I'm still not sure he knows what's going on.

Can I just say, it's slightly odd having a conversation with your brother, when you're looking at your Nephew. It's great because we get to catch up - but I know I constantly interrupt the conversation with some level of babble to Bradley. Or I'll slip up and ask my brother something in a high pitched voice - I promise it isn't meant to sound condescending - I just forget who I'm talking to.

Naked Meals

As Bradley is learning to feed himself, he gets to eat naked - I like my brother and his wife's take on it - it means less laundry and he can get as messy as he wants. Breakfast this morning was oats - which to be fair are well disguised on his alabaster skin, but he cannot hide the drool.

At one point I was super impressed as I could see him trying to pick up his bottle - I was thinking development, until he pushed it off the side of the tray and smiled the biggest grin possible - and just sat there looking at this dad. He was pleased as punch - it was development, just not in the way I imagined!

Dinousaur Antics

After breakfast, I was treated to my first display of dinosaur vocals and they were amazing. He was in his own little world telling a story - and his dad was right, it was on par with a pterodactyl - but he so wasn't expecting what came next... His dad's phone made the same noise back. He stopped dead in his tracks... and looked at his dad for reassurance... "yes Bradley, your Auntie can be a dinosaur as well!"

I was pleased with myself - it was the first time that I really felt like he just might know someone was out there... and even better, I was on his level.

Michelle Barr, WhatsApp Auntie


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