Tales of a WhatsApp Auntie: Meeting Bradley

The anticipation of meeting someone you already love is electrifying - it's like all of your Christmas mornings rolled into one



So the night before, the day I'd been waiting for since Bradley made his early appearance into the world was finally here. As I curled up, trying to get to sleep, all I could do was hope that this little human would choose to accept me into his life as I had him.

2am, 3am, 4am...

I swear I didn't sleep for more than an hour at a time that night, I was so excited, when 6am rolled around I was up like a shot (I did take time to pee and brush my teeth - wouldn't want to make a bad first impression...), and trampling down the stairs like mad woman. I'd heard a few squeals so I knew he'd be there.

I'll never forget those huge blue eyes or that infectious smile as I opened the door to reveal... Bradley. He was sitting on his Dad's knee giggling away and practicing those dinosaur growls I'd grown to love.

I think I might have said "hello" to both my brothers (who I hadn't seen in well over 2 years), but all I could do was stare in wonder at this little guy. He was all of the cuteness I had imagined and my heart was full. This was what I'd been waiting for and when his uncle passed him over - he smiled up at me and nuzzled his head into my shoulder (heart now bursting).

Every cuddle was worth the wait

Over the next few days, I took every moment I could to cuddle the little guy, and let me tell you he likes cuddles. Cuddles and playing to the crowd... maybe it comes from being passed around the hospital when he was born, but he's one of those babies who is comfortable with whoever is holding him.

He has a very easy going disposition (I did mention to my brother that he didn't know how lucky they were), and I didn't hear him whinge once! While he gave them a bit of shock when he entered the world a little earlier than planned; he's the perfect addition to their little family and to our family as a whole.

The whole family

Having the whole family under one roof for over a week was the best thing I could have asked for. Not only did I get to spend time with Bradley, I got to see him interact with his grandparents (they are so proud), and his other long distance Aunt and Uncle (they are way closer so I'm allowed to be jealous, but it's still an airplane ride away).

I have another whole week with Bradley and can't wait to see what we get up to, but just like Pinocchio... now, I feel like a real Auntie.

Michelle Barr, WhatsApp Auntie

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