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Tales of a Whatsapp Auntie - PLAY DATE!

I've waited so long to meet Bradley that now we get to have one long playdate for 10 days... what kind of mischief can we get up to?



There were so many things that I wanted to do with Bradley that I didn't even know where to start. After almost 10 months waiting to meet hi, we now got to experience all of our firsts together.

Our First Bottle

So, no one told me before they handed him over, or handed me the bottle that when he has his morning bottle, you're out of commission for two hours. Those were two blissful hours. He gulped down his cereal-laden milk and as he got more and more "milk drunk" he nestled further and further into the crook of my arm and deeper and deeper into his morning nap. His little body radiated heat and every now and then he'd murmur to himself, his eyelids would flutter and he'd be out again. This was an experience I promised to repeat as often as possible - it also meant you could ask everyone else for a refresh on your cup of tea!

Our First Story

I love reading - to myself and to children - so it made sense to bring some of my favourite from being a nanny in the UK. I love the way Julia Donaldson's stories roll off the tongue and the images that go along with them are just perfect.  Our first story was Room on the Broom.  I'm not convinced he enjoyed it as much as I did - but he didn't try to escape either so I'm, going to mark it as a success.

Our First Meal time

Man can that kid pack away a serious amount of plain Greek yogurt and avocado... or whatever you put in front of him! I can see why my brother and his wife have opted for naked attire when he eats - but it's so good to see him trying to feed himself! Even if it does get messy! By the end of the meal we both resembled a cross between Kermit the frog and a leopard, but we were both happy!

Our First Bath time

His mum and dad decided that a night out was in order - they had free babysitters on tap (and fighting for the honour) so it made sense - and as the one who lived furthest away I had first right of refusal on bath time. I had forgotten how much joy little ones get out of water play. Splashing themselves and scaring themselves, and then realising they get an even bigger reaction when they splash you! By the time he was dry and toasty in his PJs, it was time for me to find some dry clothes!

Our First Snowman

So, being from Canada it's a rite of passage to learn to make a snowman. In addition, while we had very little snow, there was just enough to make a Bradley sized snow creature in the yard. With 9 adults on hand, it was a pretty fast exercise - but the giggles of excitement that erupted form his  little body were well worth the 10 minutes! That, and watching my brother complete to make the perfect snowballs - one was definitely more round than the other - but who's keeping track, right? 

Getting to spend an extended period of time together meant so many firsts, we even did our first escape room together; not sure how much Bradley helped us solve the puzzle but he was definitely there for the moral support! 

How am I ever going to say good-bye in a few days' time?

Michelle Bar, Whatsapp Auntie

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