Thank Goodness It's February

It seems like a long time since I last put pen to paper for the Tinies blog. So long in fact, that January has already passed, which I'm delighted about for a number of reasons



The dreaded January detox

My husband, along with a large section of the middle-aged male population, has been doing a detox January. And we've all felt the pain. I've not been able to touch a drop of alcohol myself, in solidarity.

Actually that's not strictly true. Whenever he's not home, I've sneaked the odd vodka and tonic. And when I've been out without him, I've found myself hoovering up glasses of prosecco. I've become a binge drinker during January whilst he's been the epitome of sobriety. Who would have thought it?

Family walks

As a family we've been forced to join in with his new fitness regime, which involves weekend hikes, no matter what the weather. The boys have come up with some ingenious excuses to get out of this weekly event. "The hat will mess with my hair" was quite an interesting one from my youngest. "The cats will miss us if we all go" was another.

Protein shake it off

He's also taken up protein shakes, which have really done the trick, but set like cement if you don't clean the glasses out immediately. I've got spoons and glasses that are caked in the stuff. God knows what they do to the inside of your stomach. I don't get how they can make you lose weight when they seem to triple gain in mass when you add liquid to the powder?

Counting calories

The other thing he has been doing is counting calories on an app on his phone called MyFitnessPal. He's obsessed with the thing. So much so that when I reach for a doughnut, he reaches for his phone. His raised eyebrows are enough to make me throw the thing in the bin. Which is what I'd quite like to do to his phone. On the plus side, the stress of having him hovering over me whilst I eat has made me completely lose my appetite and hence lose weight too.

To give him credit, I've been amazed at how well he has kept to the regime. Pretty much every January he has tried to give up alcohol, and failed by day three, which I've found hilarious. That's why I bet him £1k that he couldn't do it this year. Guess who's laughing now? The thing is, he'll probably spend it on a crate of red wine to celebrate.

Can he keep the weight off?

So now I have a lovely svelte husband, who is nearly as thin as he was when we first met. And I'm very proud of him. He fully intends to keep the weight off.

The only problem is that he's off for a week now with six mates to Biarritz to celebrate his best friend's 50th.

So all those good intentions will be forgotten as soon as he boards the plane and the flight attendant says: "Can I get you anything from the bar?"

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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