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I have been a professional nanny for 10 years. When I first got my job, the nanny job market was very different to what it is now



Back then there were few nannies and lots of jobs. That has totally changed over the years, and now you have a lot more nannies chasing a smaller amount of jobs.

These are my top tips on how to be the best nanny for the job:

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Know what the job requirements are, the age of the children, the hours etc. Research the local area for age appropriate activities and talk about these.
  2. Have a list of questions prepared. Always ask about the children - their likes, dislikes, favourite toys and activities.
  3. Take a portfolio with your certificates, Ofsted registration, references and CV. Have this neat and tidy within a file that the parents can easily read whilst talking to you.
  4. Be presentable. No jeans and trainers, but equally there is no need for a cocktail dress! Presentable, smart, professional is how I would turn up for an interview.
  5. Be early rather than late. Know where you are going so you don't get lost, and give yourself plenty of time, so you are not rushed and stressed.
  6. Be positive. Don't be afraid to talk about who you are, and what your previous childcare jobs have been. Have examples of how you have worked in previous jobs; or something that you have been most proud of; be prepared to sell your good points – tell them what your previous employers have loved about you!
  7. Show your passion for your job - tell them why you chose to be a nanny and what it is you love about caring for children.
  8. Lastly, stay calm. If you are nervous or shy, take deep breaths, sip a water, talk slowly and always maintain eye contact.

Your local Tinies is there to help

If you are currently looking for a nanny position or thinking of a change of job, contact your local Tinies nanny agency for advice.

Tinies has the largest number of childcare jobs of any agency in the UK, and can advise you on how to prepare for a nanny job interview.

Katy Hayden, Professional Nanny of the Year 2009-2010

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