The Bitter Taste of Being an England Fan

Has it really only been four years? It only seems a minute since the last time I got all worked about a group of men in football shorts. But back to the highs and lows of the 2014 World Cup...



Brazilian World Cup fever

Joking aside, clearly the World Cup matters a great deal to England fans. So why is it that, unlike other countries who have the bunting and flags out from day one, we in England - cruelly stung by defeat so many times - cautiously wait for the first two or three matches to be over before we dare give in to such frivolity?

The negativity sees us through, providing a comfy barrier to disappointment: 'Bah, we'll be out after the first two games', 'England are useless, they let us down every time', '48 years of hoping, I've given up' etc...

Then it happens. A glimmer of hope, just one, and suddenly our cars are flapping with the cross of St. George, our faces are painted and the house is bedecked with bunting.

Fear of disappointment

The power the England players have over the hearts of their fans is phenomenal, so why do we find it so hard to believe they can do it, and even if they fail, why don't we get behind them sooner? Maybe this is what the players need to see?

Loads of other countries fare terribly, some have never even won it before, yet the fans are right behind them, blowing trumpets and whistles and waving flags like their lives depended on it.

I suppose it's just the way us Brits are: cynical, modest, yet victorious by nature. Losing is not an option we like very much.

A (very) bitter taste

My children had their first bitter taste of what's it's like to be an England fan last week. As the match was on early we let them stay up and watch. One minute we were jumping around, full of elation, the next sitting deflated on the sofa.

It's only football, but oh how it mattered! What better way to learn than with a 2-1 defeat. But it was so much fun they couldn't wait for the next match!

As I type, having lost their first two games, a miracle had to happen for England to even stay in the competition. Alas, it did not, but there's always next time, isn't there? Must not be cynical...

Even though we're out of the World Cup, we can still enjoy all the other teams and their fantastic supporters. Plus we have one final England match against Costa Rica. Come on England!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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