The Death of Good Grammar and Spelling

I know that this is not really a childcare related topic, but is something close to my heart. As my Tinies branches will testify, I am constantly on a crusade to uphold good standards in grammar and spelling



If I see any text speak creeping into correspondence, for example using a little "i" when it should be a capital "I", then I have a rant and a rave about it.

It was therefore with horror that I learnt of a spelling mistake in our own Tinies website. A very kind soul pointed out that on our website we were talking about the NSPCA when we should have been talking about the NSPCC!

Creating a bad impression

If there is something I have learnt in this industry (both childcare and recruitment in general) it is that spelling and grammar mistakes on CVs or personal correspondence are a complete turn off.

It immediately gives a bad impression to a potential new employer. Nannies and childcarers need to be very vigilant and read through their CV, or get a friend to read through it to double and triple check. Tinies branches can help you put together your CV if you are struggling.

Just a quick anecdote...

I am currently recruiting for an assistant, and the quality of CVs is shocking. But sometimes the mistakes are comical. One candidate wrote "I feel that I am confident, willing... and make a contentious effort to be an ambassador for my workplace." I don't think anyone wants to send a CV saying they are contentious!

So the thought for the day is: switch off that spell checker, and read through your CV to see if it makes sense.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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