The Fashion Police Are After Your Children!

I have been observing, with mild fascination, the rise of Harper Seven Beckham's fashionista status



I have been observing, with mild fascination, the rise of Harper Seven Beckham's fashionista status.

Last week, clinging on to the rather fragile arms of her mummy, she was pictured wearing a Stella McCartney jacket and Little Marc Jacobs shoes. The week before it was Vivienne Westwood jellies, Bonton Paris dress, BillieBlush something or other; the list goes on!

Keeping up with the Beckhams

It does strike me as a bit vulgar. People would argue that the Beckham's should be allowed to spend their cash however they wish and of course that's true. It's also lovely to dress your little ones in the latest fashions but surely there should be a modicum of sensitivity when there is a recession on?

People are struggling to heat their homes and rising food and fuel bills have seen many parents revert to wartime methods of frugality. And yet here we have the Beckham's; a pair of shining celebrity beacons, ambassadors for our country, kitting their daughter out in an outfit the cost of which would feed a family of four for a month!

Then there's the small matter of the little mite herself. No one would argue she's not very cute and I'm sure she adores dressing up and copying mummy, just like every other little girl in the land but I can't help feeling much of it is forced on the poor love. I just hope she doesn't grow up thinking that's all there is to life.

Pressure on young girls to look good

The pressure for females to look glamorous 24/7 is enormous enough already without it being made an intrinsic part of growing up. Children from the poorer end of the scale struggle when trying to keep up with the latest trends, without media imagery and thoughtless celebs fuelling the fire.

Kids should be taught self-discipline for sure, that's incredibly important. Looking good is wonderful, but it's not the be all and end all.

And don't even get me started on her Facebook account!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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The best thing since sliced bread. Great having a party where the children had more fun than the grownups! And I wanted to do the cheerleading lesson.
Davina McCall, Hertfordshire, Party Crèche