The Glass Half Full... of Homemade Lemonade

Life has changed quite a lot for me recently. Cutting down my work hours and having more time to care for my family can never be a bad thing - in fact, it has its perks



For the last six months I've been working like a dawg (and yes it needs to be pronounced with a hard New York accent).

I have two part-time jobs plus, as of today, a six-year old. I'm lousy at maths, that's why I'm a writer, but even I can tell you that two part-time writing gigs add up to full time. That, plus 90% of the childcare, equals a tired and cranky mommy - that's me.

Free time ain't free

So, it's with mixed emotions that I've just found out that one of my jobs is coming to the end and the other one is being significantly reduced.

On one hand - yay, free time! Coffee with friends and the gym! On the other hand... no income and too much free time for me is just time wasted.

People can live without decorative cushions

I am fully aware that I'm lucky enough that my not working doesn't affect my family's life much. Food will be on the table, mortgage will be paid. It just means non-essentials will have to go, along with my paycheque.

Sharon 2.0

It's okay, I'm going to take this time to be the best me I can be! I'm going to be fit! I'm going to cook! My house will be immaculate! I will be Jennifer Lopez, Nigella Lawson and Martha Stewart all rolled into one perfect package. I will be Sharon 2.0!

I will now have time to do all these things instead of looking a my child going "Ummm, I didn't have time to plan dinner, want some pasta with tomatoes?"


I used to go to the gym four times a week. No one would ever confuse me with Gisele Bündchen, but I was fit, healthy and strong. Now? Eh, not so much.

Without work pressure, I will run home from 'drop-off' at least three days a week. I'll take the dog on long walks, I'll plan a weekly menu and shop accordingly. I will be less grumpy after 6pm with my darling child. I will do DIY! I will paint my nails - professional manicures are out since I'm not making any money. But who cares, my inner glow from being well-rested and polished, scrubbed and exercised will be so bright no one will notice a smudge here and there.

I am going to be so fabulous, I can't wait to meet myself!

Sharon, Working Mom and Native New Yorker

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