The Great Christmas Clean Up

Well, here we are. Another Christmas over and done with



The cards have been put into the recycling bin (or if you're really keen, cut up into present tags for next year), mountains of wrapping paper and evidence of your over indulgence have all been carted away in bags and boxes, clinking and clunking as they went and the fading tinsel and baubles now drooping sadly from bald, needleless branches are packed away for another year.

And what are we left with after Christmas?

A layer of dust and a dent in the bank balance?

Of course, but also hopefully some great memories too. Despite feeling the strain financially like everyone else, I always have a period of reflection after Christmas and quite frankly I miss it when it's over. It's almost as if I just relax into it and then it's gone, whipped back up into the attic, not to be spoken of again until the following October!

I must admit that I am a Christmas nut (!)

I know plenty of people who are only too pleased to see the back of it all - humbugs!

To be serious though, even I can see that there is a very nice feeling of fresh air and positivity once you've had a good dust, polish and hoover through. I feel thoroughly de-cluttered and find myself looking forward to the nights drawing out, snowdrops peering out of the ground and a few green buds on the trees.

Normality can resume

The kids can finally bound back into the garden onto the trampoline and release some of that pent up energy and normality can resume. Who knows, there might be the possibility of getting a babysitter and escaping from the kids for the night or even the distant dream of a short holiday on the horizon.


Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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The best thing since sliced bread. Great having a party where the children had more fun than the grownups! And I wanted to do the cheerleading lesson.
Davina McCall, Party Crèche, Hertfordshire