The Joy of Being a Grandparent

We've all heard it said many times before: "The beauty of being a grandparent is that you get all the fun and none of the stress!"



After all, they've already raised their family, now it's their turn to relax and enjoy life with their extended family.

Increasingly however, grandparents are finding themselves becoming ad-hoc childcarers, regularly left in sole charge of their grandchildren whilst mum and dad are out at work.

Of course this can be a great thing for both children and their grandparents, as long as all parties are happy with the arrangement. But when this is not the case, problems can arise.

Looking after young children is hard work

Many grandparents actually complain that they feel 'put upon' at a time in their lives when they should be relaxing and taking things a little easier. Let's not forget that looking after young children is hard work. You need lots of energy and enthusiasm, not to mention eyes in the back of your head.

Often they go along with the idea out of a sense of duty, afraid to refuse for fear of offending their offspring.  But there is a danger that this can lead to resentment and surely that is a situation no family wants.

Spending time with nan

My mum looked after my 10 month old when I went back to work until he reached 2 and went into nursery. It was only for one day per week, but was still on the understanding that should it become too much for her she must let me know. That way she never felt duty bound, it suited everyone and mum thoroughly enjoyed her time with him and vice versa.

Spending time with grandparents should be fun and exciting

When my brother and I knew our Nan was coming to stay we would go into overdrive! Seeing her meant two things, FUN and SWEETS!

The main thing is to communicate and listen, keep things harmonious and fun, for kids and grandparents alike!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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