Too Young for School?

Today was the first day back to school after half term. We had a lovely break and even managed to have a day without someone crying, and that includes me. However there was a dark cloud that lingered, and I'm not talking about the dreadful weather - it was the prospect of exams



Some of you may be thinking that my son is taking Common Entrance, but no - my son is 8. And I know that all across the land right now there are 8 year olds (and 7 yr olds) sitting at desks scratching their heads over comprehension questions.

Tiger mum...?!

I tried very hard not to be pushy - I don't aspire to be a "Tiger Mum".

But I felt the pressure too, and at breakfast would engineer a quiz for both of my sons, just to see how much my eldest knew of his core subjects. Needless to say it was his youngest brother who blew us away - when asked what his favourite number is, he replied "Googolplex".

I had to look that one up...

Why do our children have to go through this so young?

Until a few weeks ago my son was still 7, and if he lived in Sweden he would only now be starting school.

Does he need to be feeling the pressures of exams at his age, or should he be running round playing cowboys and Indians (that's me showing my age - really he would be running around killing his brother with a light sabre)?

Downplaying the exams

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking his school - they are extremely good at downplaying the exams, and avoiding undue pressure.

I just think the curriculum has got it all wrong and it's time for a re-think. Why can't we let them be children for a while longer - they have a lifetime ahead of them to be adults.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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Thanks for all your help. The Tinies babysitter was great and the evening went well. Fantastic childcare service for families.
Greg, Visiting from Australia