Trick or Treat - When Should Kids Stay Indoors?

October half term is nigh, and this time Halloween is slap bang in the middle of it! I can hardly believe it's come round so quickly!



Every year the hype seems to be ratcheted up a gear, with shops jumping on the band wagon earlier than ever.

You can't complete your weekly shop without a half hour detour through the 'seasonal' aisle, forced to look at ghoulish costumes, masks and fake severed limbs - which is nice when you're choosing your Sunday joint.

As usual, my kids have already decided on their costumes

Last year my daughter, then four, wanted to be a Vampire Princess. This year she is being far more grown up and has gone for 'Gothic Bride'. She will be resplendent in black and gold taffeta with white face paint, blacked out eye sockets and a black veil to complete the look. My son will terrify as a tall for his age ten year old Grim Reaper.

Their excitement, as always, is infectious and they are thoroughly looking forward to inveigling sweets with menace (or 'begging' as my grandmother used to call it). This year, however, now my son is ten, I've been wondering whether this should be his last year trick or treating (although he says definitely not!).

Should there be a cut-off age?

Knowing how some people, especially the elderly, feel threatened by older children or teenagers knocking on their doors, I was wondering what the 'cut off' age should be. I have a feeling that 12 would be appropriate but the jury seems to be out amongst parents.

Fun for all...

One thing we must all agree on is that Halloween should be fun for all, regardless of age and it's our duty as parents to make sure our kids aren't intimidating to anyone. The event should be looked forward to and celebrated rather than dreaded; it can be immense fun and a lovely opportunity for families to get together.


Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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