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Are you Craving a Good Night's Sleep?

I read an article in the Telegraph last weekend that said a third of parents sleep in separate beds due to the unsettled sleep patterns of their child(ren)



My partner instantly said... "How does that happen?"

We don't have children ourselves. We are old traditionalists and I am waiting for that ring to appear and be placed on my finger!

But I have 20 years' experience working with children and fully understand the importance of dropping feeds and a bed-time routine. I am a Norland nanny, and went to The Norland College to learn about these things and then I was lucky to learn on the job, as I was employed by some amazing families as their nanny.

I now have a passion for entering people's homes and helping and guiding them with their children

I have a 100% success rate in that every child I have worked with has been sleeping through the night after 3 consecutive days.

Babies don't arrive knowing the difference between night and day so they feed continually. If the feeds are not gradually dropped your baby will then start waking for his milk. A pattern will have formed. One that involves you up in the night... and you and your partner in separate beds!

There's no parent manual

Becoming a parent is one of the bravest steps you can take in your life, and once it's done, there's no going back... and there isn't a manual!

So, rather than spend your time in separate beds, ask for help, and in just 3 consecutive nights your little one will be sleeping... and you and your partner will be tucked up under the duvet together until morning!

Kathryn Mewes

Kathryn is registered with a Tinies nanny agency and provides a bespoke service for parents looking for help with their children. For more information contact your local Tinies nanny agency.

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