What's Happened to Saturday Morning Kids TV?

Has the increased number of TV channels, and online options available around the clock, meant a diminished quality in Saturday morning kids' telly? Or I am just longing for the TV classics I remember...



I watched some early Saturday morning TV with my kids last weekend and it was only when I was half way through my cereal that I realised I hadn't laughed once.

I had watched most of it with a dead pan face, not one smile did I crack. Even my kids weren't all that impressed as they watched the presenters of 'Scrambled' goofily bounce around on screen in a contrived effort to raise a laugh.

The problem was they were trying way too hard. It didn't flow at all and whilst chaos is an important part of a kids' magazine show, this was just a jumbled mess of unfunny gags.

What on earth has happened to Saturday morning kids' telly? It used to be HILARIOUS!!

Good old days of classic kids TV

Those of us old enough to remember will look back fondly on the days of Swap Shop, Saturday Superstore, Going Live! and Live and Kicking.

This was Saturday morning kids' telly at its very best. It was compulsive viewing with consistently good presenters, topics, phone-ins, games and gunge - all cleverly entwined with a background thread of adult humour which kept parents watching it with us.

The presenters themselves were naturals and had great rapport with each other which shone through on screen. They were a joy to watch and the humour was infectious, making you wish that you were in the studio with them, joining in the fun.

It was a big part of the weekend and something to look forward to after a hard week at school. Good, clean fun with loads of belly laughs; exactly what was needed to start the weekend.

Explosion of digital TV options

I suppose the stuff we see these days is a result of the amount of kids TV on offer now. With all the digital channels to choose from, repeats, catch up TV, YouTube etc. there is way too much choice.

It must be nightmare for the producers of kids TV.

Fun, engaging TV for kids

How can you come up with a new, unique winning formula when it's all been done before? On top of that, kids can change their minds in a millisecond, flicking instantly from one thing to the next. Before, it was a case of watch this before your dad puts sport on for the rest of the day!

Oh well, rubbish Saturday morning TV aside, there are still some great shows out there these days which genuinely make me laugh and which I enjoy watching with the kids. So when the telly does go on this Saturday morning, it's these we'll be tuning in to!

Alternatively we could just stick on a few episodes of Live and Kicking on YouTube!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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