What is a Nanny Share? (Part 1)

A nanny share for a nanny will be very rewarding. It will be challenging and most certainly harder work than being in one family



It will provide variety to a working week and help to gain a lot more experience with different aged children and their needs. It will certainly improve your communication skills and definitely give you good credit on your CV for future nanny jobs.

What exactly is a nanny share?

A nanny share is between two (or more) families who employ the same nanny for all their children at the same time on the same days or in a split week. (E.g. 2 days at one family, 3 days at another family.)

Sharing on the same day

Sharing a nanny on the same days can cause many questions and concerns. There are many points to consider and sometimes what may seem a minor detail to the partnership can become an issue later on. Nanny shares can work perfectly well with one very important factor… COMMUNICATION.

Nanny sharing in a split week

A nanny will be shared between two families and two houses with in a working week and will look after the children on separate days. Again many details will need to be considered but will be less concern than sharing a nanny on the same days.

Each family's nanny share requirements

Each family must ensure they express their needs and expectations right from the outset. Both parties must be prepared to compromise as although professional nannies are always able to multi-task they are still only human!

Points parents should consider when sharing a nanny

  • What's your budget for child care?
  • Are the other families parenting views the same as yours?
  • Which house will the children be looked after at if sharing a nanny on the same days?
  • Child's routines
  • How will you divide the nanny's tax and NI contributions between both parties?
  • If using both homes how will you divide the time equally?
  • What happens if one child is ill?  Remember each illness is different and may differ in length of time and isolation period, common colds etc may not cause and issues but sickness and diarrhoea may mean the children being separated to prevent spread of illness… there must be a back up plan for this so that the nanny is not made to choose between the families
  • If the share is in one family house for the whole time who will supply equipment, food etc? will this be split 50/50 or will one family supply more as the other family is allowing their home to be the care base?
  • Who will supply equipment such as a double buggy if its needed etc?
  • Will the kitty/float be shared or will their be one for each child, for outings, expenses etc?
  • Holidays? There must be flexibility on this and try to make it fair for all parties?
  • What happens if one family wants to withdraw form the share?  Will the nanny still have a job with the other family?
  • What happens if new siblings come along?

More information on nanny shares

Read the second part of this article on nanny shares... I talk about my experiences working in a nanny share, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of sharing a nanny.

If you're interested in hiring a nanny for a nanny share, speak to Tinies.

Katy Hayden, Professional Nanny of the Year 2009-2010

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