What is a Nanny Share? (Part 2)

My earlier post covered the basics of what is a nanny share. Now I want to briefly go into the advantages/disadvantages when sharing a nanny… and also my experience working as a nanny in a share situation



Advantages of sharing a nanny

  • It cuts the cost of employing a professional nanny
  • Children will learn to share etc which is good if they are the 1st child or an only child
  • Social development for the child as they will always be around other children
  • The child will acclimatise to being with others and learn taking turns etc which will all help with future pre-school etc.
  • Another family/parents to share parenting advice and support with.

Disadvantages of sharing a nanny

  • Can become harder when the children grow up and may attend different nurseries/schools/clubs etc
  • If one child has an illness that has an incubation period i.e. chickenpox or sickness a back up plan will need to be in place.

Overall nanny shares can be simply good fun for all parties

Long lasting friendships can be made and that is for both the parents and the children. Enjoy the experience and take advantage of the support another family can offer.

Remember though that the nanny is also important in this share and remember working for two families is very demanding, they must be included in any discussions or change to the share and always remember a happy nanny means happy children!

My nanny share experience

Working for one family with a 5 month old baby girl was a perfect nanny job, then to take on a nanny share on the same days with a baby boy of 5 months was a new challenge!

It certainly gave me confidence in myself and really helped me to gain experience of working with multiple children on a daily basis.  It was hard work but very, very rewarding and every day was a new challenge with two small babies in tow.

My advice to any nanny considering a nanny share position is ensure you are confident enough to take on the responsibility and hard work, you need to be assertive to each families needs and treat them as fairly as possible.

Finding a nanny share in London & UK

If you're a parent and thinking about sharing a nanny, first you need to find a family to share with.

Do you have anyone in mind? You can always use a web service to help you find a family to share a nanny with - good luck!

Visit NannyShare.co.uk for more information.

Using a nanny agency to find a nanny

If you're a parent and would like to find out more about nanny shares, please contact your local Tinies nanny agency.

If you're looking for a nanny share job - just do a job search on Tinies.

Katy Hayden, Professional Nanny of the Year 2009-2010

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