When 2 Nannies Are Better Than One

I was interviewed recently by the Daily Mail to comment on the fact that Anna Friel was reported to have hired 2 nannies for her 1 child. I got the feeling that they were looking for a negative reaction from me to this story, but it is not unusual for parents to hire 2 nannies



I don't know Ms Friel's personal circumstances, but I imagine she has a very busy life and just wants to have the best care for her child.

Or, as is often the case with stories like this, there is more to it than the gripping headline "2 nannies for 1 child".

Perhaps Ms Friel has a wonderful nanny working for her a few days a week, but needed a 2nd nanny to cover the other days. It really could be as simple as that, but would not have made such an interesting media story.

Common circumstances when a family may need 2 nannies

At Tinies, we do have parents requesting 2 nannies for their children. The most common circumstances are when the parents both work and travel, and therefore need a nanny 24/7 - they may hire a nanny for the week and a different nanny to cover weekends.

Needing different care for different children

The other most common scenario is if parents work and have 3 or 4 children, all needing different types of care, or to be shuttled to different schools and different activities.

And then you do have the truly VIP Tinies clients, who are actors and are juggling being on set and being parents - 2 nannies may not even be enough in those circumstances (look at the Brangelinas...).

Providing the best childcare

I always feel it is wrong for us to criticise parents who work about their childcare arrangements (and perhaps I'm a wee bit sensitive about this being a working mum myself).

Unless you are the parent from hell, you are going to bend over backwards to provide the best care you can for your children, at whatever cost you can afford.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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