Where Have My Weekends Gone?

As a mum, and a working mum at that, I always looked forward to the weekends. No rushing to get kids up, dressed, and fed before school. No work mobile ringing. And a husband that occasionally made an appearance



We would mooch around in our pyjamas for most of the morning, and then have leisurely lunches followed by a trip to the beach or the Downs, if we had the energy.

At the end of the day we would order pizza and then eat it in front of the TV watching people get pummelled in Total Wipeout. Bliss.

Weekends are no longer leisure time

Not anymore. For example, this Sunday I was rudely awakened by my 8yr old at 6.50am because he wanted a round of golf with his Dad. Why I had to be involved I've no idea - he knows where the cereal is!

Having packed them both off (again, not sure why I was needed to locate golf shoes, missing clubs, husband's mobile phone), I was ready to slip back into bed before I remembered.... Weekends are no longer leisure time.

On that particular day we had a packed schedule of golf, cricket, more golf, tennis, a kid's party, swimming - all before 2pm. Bummer.

Supporting your child's opportunities

I shouldn't really be complaining because we don't have to do all of those things - we could say no. But as a parent these days you feel you need to give your child every opportunity that comes their way, no matter what the cost to your wallet or downtime.

My kids love sport, and are bizarrely happy to forego electronics to go and bash a ball around. I should really be pleased.

But as my weekend lie-ins become a thing of the past, a small part of me wishes they had 2 left feet and a squint so that we could stay at home and slob.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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