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Working Mum's Dilemmas (Part 1)

I have been working from my home office this week. Even though no-one believes me, I work best when working from home as there are no "office" distractions - no people coming in and out, no meetings booked in, etc. I do have to get up and make my own tea every now and then though!



But occasionally when working from home I face a dilemma

This week I had a parent on the phone seeking advice about a pregnant nanny. She was very stressed and was seeking some free legal advice (which we offer to all of our Tinies parents).

We were part way into our conversation when my doorbell goes and it's the Tesco delivery man.

So here is my dilemma...

Can you end a professional call by saying:

Got to go now my Tesco delivery is here?

I don't think so. Instead I just carried on talking down the phone, whilst mouthing silently to the poor Tesco man to just dump everything on the floor!

Working mums all over the country must have this dilemma and similar when working at home. I would welcome any hints and tips for next time.

At Tinies we do offer a free legal advice line to our parents and to our nannies about employment law

Contact your local Tinies nanny agency for more information, and I promise not to put the Tesco man before you!

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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