Working My Work Shoes

Don't get me wrong, trainers are comfy, but there's nothing like a good set of heels! Who would have thought that wearing them would make me look forward to work?



I spent my young and single years in New York City. I didn't take cabs and ate pasta at home - when I wasn't out being fabulous. I endured years of this so I could save up for nice handbags and cute shoes: I have a pretty good collection now. Sadly, they are mostly in hibernation.

I've become a stay-at-home slob

Ever since my daughter started school three years ago, I've been freelancing from home.

Coupled with a ten-minute walk and an Overground ride with a five-year old, you'll appreciate why I've traded my stilettos for trainers and my beautiful bags for a ratty backpack. I need something that I can shove all her stuff in, keeping my hands free for balance and whatever the 8:03 to Victoria throws at me.

Once a week I get to live my old life

Well, kind of. I'm still married with a child and living in London, not young, single and fabulous in New York (again, humour me). But now that I've started a new job and go into the office once a week, I get to put on "real" shoes! With heels, and without a Nike swoosh.

I sit in an office with other people and have important conversations, such as: if politicians were the last people on Earth, who would you choose to repopulate the world with? I buy lunch instead of eating whatever is leftover in the fridge.

Sure, I don't get to sing along to Madonna at the top of my lungs - it's a relaxed office, but that's a bridge too far - but I can wear my headphones and mouth along.

Being a working mom is a delicate balance

I work half the hours and I make half the salary. The rest of my work day is paid in hugs and kisses.

While I've been working since my daughter was one, going into the office and having a set number of hours takes working to a different level. I mean, my "me time" has pretty much eroded into my commute on the train, where I sit and read a magazine.

At least I get to carry my handbags and wear nice shoes!

Sharon, Working Mom and Native New Yorker

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