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World Book Day - One Mum's Fear of Failure

Thursday 1 March is World Book Day. At my sons' school, all the children are expected to come to school dressed as their favourite character from a book, and clutching said book in their hand



In my house this has presented some problems, which I should have foreseen as we had pretty much the same issues last year.

Spongebob Square Pants...?

The main issue is the fact that they have to come as a character from a book. Not a comic, or a TV programme or a film. So my 4 year old was gutted that he couldn't come as Batman, Darth Vadar or Spongebob Square Pants. I managed to calm him down, and suggested that he go up to his bedroom and pick out his favourites books, and then we could choose a character from them.

Being a "Creative Mum"

My heart sank when he came downstairs with The Gingerbread Man, Mr Strong and Dr Seuss.

The reason for my reaction is that I am the world's worst "Creative Mum". I can't bake, I can't paint and I can't sew. I dread Cake Sale days at school, because every fairy cake I've ever made has flopped. I dread Hat Day at school, because every hat I make looks like one of my flattened fairy cakes. So when I'm faced with the problem of turning my son into the Gingerbread Man, or Mr Strong, or Cat in a Hat, I panic.

If my lovely nanny was here...

She would rustle up the most amazing costume which would win first prize. But she's not here so what do I do? Well, like any other frazzled and time strapped mum, I Google the problem. Now my son will look resplendent in his Tin Man costume, courtesy of Amazon. I told him that for just this one day, the Wizard of Oz is his favourite book, and not Ben 10 Alien force weekly magazine.

Having got over that smallish hurdle, my 7 year old then piped up that he wanted to go as Frankenstein. Good grief, I almost cried. Cruel mother that I am, I averted that problem by giving him Mary Shelley's Frankenstein book and telling him he would have to read it before Thursday if he wanted to go as Frankenstein.

Sheepishly he came downstairs 10 minutes later and said he had changed his mind and wanted to go as a Knight.

Express delivery from Amazon is on its way...

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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