Aussie Nannies & Kiwi Nannies

Tinies can help place nannies from Australia or New Zealand with a family in the UK, finding them the perfect nanny job

Tinies has over 30 childcare and nanny agencies based in the UK.

If you're an Aussie or Kiwi nanny already living in the UK, and have the right to work here, we can help you find your ideal nanny job.

Send us your CV - Aussie & Kiwi Nannies Living in the UK

Kiwi nannies coming to the UK

Coming from New Zealand or Australia and working in the UK as a nanny can be wonderfully rewarding.

It will give you the chance to work with a family, improve your childcare skills, give you the experience of working abroad and possibly travel.

Parents often request an Aussie or Kiwi nanny from Tinies, as they have a great reputation of fitting in with families. Generally you must be prepared to stay with a family for a year.

Aussie and Kiwi nannies can find childcare jobs in the UK

If you are looking for work in the UK, make sure you have all your documentation in place before you leave:

  • Police check
  • CV
  • Qualification certificates
  • Proof of ID (passport, driving licence, birth certificate, marriage certificate)

When you arrive in the UK, contact your nearest Tinies branch, as they will need to interview you before you can be placed.

If you're already living in the UK, and have the right to work here, please contact your local Tinies agency for advice.

Send us your CV if you're an Aussie or Kiwi nanny living in the UK


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