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We design and run fantastic crèches across the UK and Ireland, including crèches for IKEA, health and fitness clubs, and local authorities. We also run crèches alongside training events

Why outsource the management of your crèche?

"Having a nice person" running your crèche doesn't mean it will be a good childcare facility. We know that running a crèche, and providing the best childcare possible, is not always part of a company's core skill set.

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Best in class crèches run by Tinies

By using Tinies, we can support managers and all crèche staff to ensure they're delivering the very best childcare for your parents. We measure ourselves by getting regular, great feedback and usage at our crèches. All settings abide by our Parent Policies.

Managed crèches case studies:

Tinies has years of experience in running crèches, nurseries and kids clubs throughout the UK. With better management comes lower staff turnover, and improved standards of childcare.

Ensuring your crèche is well loved and attended

Tinies is driven by doing whatever it takes to give the parents and children the solution they need. Our permanent crèches are designed for parents (with children from 0 to 5 years old) looking for flexible childcare options.

Typical facilities we provide crèches for include Health Clubs, Retail Stores, Shopping Centres and Private Member clubs.

Read our Case Studies to get an idea of the crèche contracts we manage, or find one of the local crèches that we operate under Tinies Crèche Settings.

We can consult for a crèche that you're already running

We have a number of different models for managing nurseries, crèches and children's holiday clubs.

We'll consult with you to make sure that your crèche or childcare settings works just the way you want it to.

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A truly excellent crèche, I would recommend to any parent. The staff went out of their way to make sure my child was happy and settled.
Health Club Member

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Our day-to-day life working in childcare and raising a family.

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The crèche allowed me to fully participate in the business of conference: debates, votes, speeches, lunchtime fringes and, at one point, a campaign meeting. Without it, I could not have attended at all. With the crèche, I had the best of both worlds: regular cuddles with my son grounding me in between policy debates and ministerial Q&As.
Rachel, Liberal Democrats, Conference Crèche