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Tinies maternity nanny agency recruits a number of specialist maternity nannies, who have various skills in the care of newborn babies, including baby sleep routines and baby feeding

A maternity nurse or nanny comes to your home to help in the first weeks or months of a newborn baby's life. We also recruit some of the best specialist maternity nannies for parents nationwide.

Sleep and lactation consultants can provide up-to-date advice and hands-on support on how to get your baby feeding and sleeping well.

Tinies Maternity will advise you on the best maternity solution for your needs.

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Specialist maternity nannies

Baby sleep consultants

A sleep consultant can be used to help a baby (or older child such as a toddler) to get through a difficult sleeping pattern. A sleep consultant can work with you to get your child or baby sleeping through the night.

There are a number of different approaches that they can use, and they will work with the parents and the child to come up with the right solution.

At Tinies we have had clients hire a sleep consultant to:

  • Establish a sleep routine for a young baby
  • Assist in weaning from breast to bottle
  • Assist with toddlers weaning off dummies.

Lactation consultants provide feeding baby advice

Sometimes new mums find it extremely difficult to breastfeed, and often they give up, despite knowing the benefits of breastfeeding. It can sometimes be something that can be easily resolved by a baby lactation consultant.

Lactation consultants give information and practical help to mothers at any stage in the breastfeeding process, in order to prevent or solve difficulties and to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Hiring a Tinies maternity nanny or lactation consultant

If you need any specialist maternity nanny support, a sleep consultant or a lactation consultant, please speak to the Tinies Maternity team.

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Maternity nurses

Support for the first weeks or months of your newborn baby's life.

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First time I have put my daughter in a crèche - was really worried but the Tinies service has been excellent. Thank you so much.
Strindley Family, Willows Children's Centre, Bracknell