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Hire a nanny to work abroad

Tinies International will help to find the ideal British nanny for your family.

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Multiple Birth Maternity Nannies

If you're expecting twins, triplets or more, then Tinies has very experienced maternity nannies who specialise in multiple births

A maternity nurse is someone who comes to your home after your baby is born. If you're expecting twins or more, you may need a little more help.

An experienced multiple birth maternity nanny can help out in the first weeks or months following the birth of newborn twins or triplets.

Expecting Twins? - Send us your Maternity Requirements

Hiring a maternity nanny for newborn twins

The prospect of multiple babies can be daunting for parents. Hiring a maternity nanny who specialises in caring for newborn twins can give you peace of mind and a very welcome extra pair of hands.

Newborn twins can be a handful for mum!

Multiple birth maternity nannies are very good at establishing routines, and helping mums who want to breast feed their babies. They can also help with weaning babies onto a bottle.

For more information on nannies for newborn twins, and the likely cost of hiring a multiple birth maternity nanny, please speak to our Tinies Maternity team.

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Hiring a nanny yourself?

We can run all the essential checks for your new nanny.

Nanny Screening

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Using Tinies gave me peace of mind and also removed a lot of the stress and administrative side of the process. I could be sure that any CVs sent to me had already been screened for suitability, and that the consultant had already ensured that both I and the potential candidates would be a good fit. I felt that they were really committed to ensuring that I got the best person to help care for my daughter, and that they also understood how nerve wracking an experience it can be for a parent to leave their child with someone.
Sarah, Gerrards Cross