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Tinies recruits experienced maternity nurses and nannies to help parents of newborn babies

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A maternity nurse or nanny is someone who comes to your home after your baby is born, and helps in the first weeks or months of a newborn baby's life.

Maternity nannies are excellent for supporting first time mothers, but equally can be hired to help busy households where there is a new brother and sister being welcomed to the family. If a mum has a Caesarean Section delivery, it can be extremely helpful to have a maternity nanny to assist in caring for the baby, so that you can recover from the operation.

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Hiring a maternity nurse / nanny

How long will you need a maternity nanny?

Typically a maternity nanny will come to your home for anything up to approximately 8 weeks following the birth of the baby (but some stay for 12 weeks).

Generally they will live with the family until a routine has been established working 6 days per week 24 hours per day, caring for the mum and the new baby. If you prefer, they can work 5 days a week, giving you space on the weekends, or they can even be daily maternity nannies, who live out.

What to expect from a maternity nurse

Maternity nannies are happy to work with the parents, caring for the baby as you dictate. They can establish strict routines for the baby, often achieving the almost impossible task of the baby sleeping through the night in a matter of weeks. Or they can be flexible, and allow the baby to find its own pattern and routine. At the end of the day, they should follow the wishes of the parents.

The difference between a maternity nanny and a maternity nurse...

These days, the term maternity nanny and maternity nurse is interchangeable. Whatever term is used, they should all have at least 5 years experience with newborn babies and have up to date paediatric first aid.

Many maternity nannies have specific maternity nanny qualifications, or some form of childcare qualification. And some maternity nannies may be qualified paediatric nurses as well - hence the term "maternity nurse".

It is possible to hire a less experienced maternity nanny, particularly if you are not a first time mum and just need an extra pair of hands. These types of maternity nannies may well have worked as a nanny for a family who had a baby whilst she was there, or they may be maternity nannies who have recently qualified with a maternity qualification.

How much does a maternity nurse cost?

The cost of maternity nannies and nurses varies. It's best to speak to our Tinies Maternity team for more information.

Tinies maternity nurses and nannies

The majority of our maternity childcarers have come to Tinies through parent recommendation. Our maternity nannies and nurses have:

  • A minimum of 5 years newborn experience
  • Been personally interviewed by our team
  • Had their ID, qualifications and references checked
  • An up-to-date DBS or PVG check (formerly known as nanny CRB check).

We continually reference check our maternity nannies throughout their careers, to ensure they perform to a high standard - for your peace of mind, and for ours.

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Maternity nurses

Support for the first weeks or months of your newborn baby's life.

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