Nanny CV Vetting

How to interview a nanny is a question we are often asked. But before you even start thinking about compiling nanny interview questions or getting nanny interview tips you need to decide who is worth interviewing

Advertising for a nanny yourself undoubtedly means that you'll be in a position to have to choose who looks good on paper and who doesn't. And that's the problem - all you have is a piece of paper to go on.

As with all our Nanny Screening Services this can be purchased individually or as a combination bundle.

Experts in vetting potential nannies

With our years of experience in childcare recruitment, we're experts in sifting through large numbers of applications and pulling out those who are relevant for the parents we are recruiting for.

It takes training and practice to acquire this skill and our local teams have plenty of both. So if you are concerned about getting this part right let Tinies do it for you.

To initiate the nanny CV vetting process you will need to provide us with your name, contact details and postcode.

Serviced by your local Tinies nanny agency

A local Tinies team member will contact you to talk about your requirements to enable them to devise a loose job description and person specification.

This is essential for an accurate shortlist to be drawn up and you will of course need to forward them the CVs you have received from your advertising.

What happens next?

Your local Tinies contact will go through all of the CVs you have sent and match them against the criteria that you have set.

You will receive your shortlist of nanny CVs with accompanying comments within 3 working days.


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Whether your childcare needs are long-term, short-term or in emergency circumstances Tinies will do their best to find the most suitable candidate for the job and ensure you are happy with their work. They are friendly and thorough and are aware of how precious your children are to you; therefore they endeavour to provide the best service possible. I wouldn't hesitate in using their services.
Lucinda, Cheshire