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Our Favourite Things about Being a Mum

Being a mother is something special. Something that is difficult to define, and encompasses so much


The Oxford dictionary defines a mother as "a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth". Yet this definition lacks any of the emotion and sentiment attached with being a mother.

To some, a mother is someone who has given birth to you, to others she is someone who offers unconditional love and nurtures you from the day you are born and for many years after that.

In celebration of Mother's Day 2013

This week we celebrate Mothering Sunday. In the UK, this celebration stems from the festivities connected to the 4th Sunday of Lent, where it was tradition for everyone to return to their home church and mothers were reunited with their children.

Because of its different origins, different countries celebrate Mother's Day at different times of the year. Some say we should celebrate Mothers every day of the year, but Mothering Sunday is a chance for families to come together and celebrate their love and respect for the women in their lives.

In honour of Mother's Day, we decided to switch it up and rather than ask 'why we love our mums', we asked our mums what their favourite things were about being a mum.

We picked our favourites to share with you.

My favourite thing about being a mother

Why I love being a mum

Why I love being a mum"This has changed with time and has differed depending on the ages of my children but right now, as they are all teenagers, it is the magic moments when we are all around the table for a meal (rare) and listening to the banter!" Amanda

"My son is nearly 7years old, I take such great pleasure in sitting down and just chatting with him, exploring his interests and expanding our knowledge together which enhances our conversations even more." Miranda

"I love watching my daughter's personality grow - she's just turned 1 and you can, literally day-by-day, see more of the sort of person she is. I love the fact that she is half me and half my husband. I love that when I pick her up from nursery she stops whatever she is doing and rushes over to see me." Venetia

"It's simple, but my favourite part of being a mom is having fun with my children. We especially love to sing along to the Sound of Music." Marie Alix

"My favourite part of being a mother was having adventures together. When time was focused or to use today's terms 'we were in the moment' we could dialogue, share ideas, laugh about what happened, learn new things about the world and each other. The opportunity to do this has stayed with us as a family from the day we brought each of our new people home and we continue to share and grow." Kathy

"Getting to relive all of your favourite childhood things through the eyes of your children. For example the excitement of Christmas and birthdays; going to the cinema with a large bag of popcorn; going tobogganing; having a pajama day." Amanda

"Watching them 'absorb' everyday. I love watching them learn to walk, run, and speak new words. I love the singing and most of all the hugs and cuddles they give." Katie

"The best part is watching them grow and learn, what a miracle." Ibo

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