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Our Favourite Christmas Baking Ideas

Every year we seek out some new and exciting recipes for you and your family to try over the festive season. This year's treats are mouth-watering and will impress young audiences and those with more refined pallets


Gingerbread Whoopee Pies

Who doesn't love the sweet and savoury combination of baking with cream cheese?

It certainly helps with the feeling of sugar overload when you've decided to have just one more! To change the flavours, swap out the spices for cocoa for a chocolatey treat.

Christmas Light Cupcakes

You can add these decorations to any cupcakes or biscuits that can take a layer of icing. This is a simple concept and it looks professionally done.

If you've baked the cupcakes the night before then decoration will be quick and stress free.

Oreo Coal

Even when the kids have been naughty - these lumps of coal are a sweet treat that they will love!

These are a good substitute for store bought chocolates as they look incredible and you'll have the added satisfaction that they are home made.

Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks

Once you've perfected your shortbread rounds, this icing application is the next step to Christmas perfection. Or, it will hide all sorts of imperfections if your homemade shortbread looks anything like ours. While you can attempt to ice with a simple knife, a piping bag will make this look a lot better!

Remember all trees have imperfections in the forest so resist the urge to do them all yourself and let the little hands to the hard work.

Stained Glass Cookies Gluten Free

Whether you make these to hang on the tree, make a display in the window or give away as gifts, their glassy appearance is beautiful. For the grafters out there, you'll know how much effort goes into making stained glass - but this is so much simpler, and this is glass that tastes good too.

Christmas Tree Meringues

With their ability to be frozen in advance, these are a great treat to prepare in advance to take the pressure off over the festive period. These are also good for those over indulgent lunches, where you still want a sweet bite, but don't know if you can eat any more! Light and airy these trees will have you looking for more.

Vegan, Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

For guests with dietary requirements this holiday season, here's a recipe filled with chocolatey goodness. With its messy appearance, it's hard to mess up this indulgent treat- just be sure to read the ingredients list before you go shopping so you manage to find all of the things you need.

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