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Our Favourite Christmas Baking Ideas for Kids and the Young at Heart

There are so many treats around at the holidays from boxes of chocolates to mince pies and Christmas pudding, but what better way to spend a weekend in the lead up to Christmas than baking with the kids?


You'll also notice a sense of pride as they pass out their biscuits to friends and relatives over the holidays.

Baking with children either invokes pleasant memories or a sense of fear and trepidation. The word "baking" need not be paired with the dreaded "Voldemort", especially if you get a few things in place before you begin.

Christmas baking recipes and fun with kids

1. Discuss the expectations

You'll de-stress the situation from the get-go if you lay everything on the line before you start. Think about what you expect the kids to help with, including the washing up, and any kitchen rules, such as no hands near the hob and only licking batter from the spoons AFTER the treats are in the oven.

2. Be prepared

Think about your kitchen space and what messes are likely to happen. Every kitchen space is different so think about yours and plan your attack accordingly.

Baking with ChildrenHere are a few suggestions:

  • Aprons for the kids, and yourself will provide protection for your clothes
  • Have a wet cloth ready to wipe sticky fingers
  • Use bigger bowls than you normally would to limit spillage
  • If you are using food colouring, be sure to line your counter with parchment paper (unless you're planning to redecorate soon).

3. Unique qualities

Remember you are baking with children, NOT contenders for the Great British Bake Off! Squiggly lines and far too many sprinkles are their idea of perfection. Decorating together means you know you'll have some cookies and cupcakes with a smaller helping of icing than others! Celebrate the uniqueness of your child's creation and remember, if in doubt, don't guess, have your child tell you what they've made!

It is also important to keep in mind the age and skill level of your children. Assign tasks that match these levels and make sure there is always something to keep the younger ones busy, even if it means re-stirring the batter after you've ensured all the flour is mixed in. You may have to adapt the utensils you are using as well depending on the size of your helping hands!

4. Enjoy! Christmas baking recipes

Christmas tunes have the ability to life the mood of even the sourest Scrooge so crank up the volume and fill the house with love, laughter and the sweet smells of Christmas!

Here are a few recipes we've rounded up that are perfect for baking with children, and we've tested them to make sure they are incredibly fun and delicious!

Let us know how the Baking goes by visiting Work+Family on Facebook.

Christmas Baking with ChildrenReindeer Cup Cakes - These are so cute, and hard to get wrong!

Snowmen Cup Cakes - For a brilliant textured effect, use desiccated coconut on top of the icing to make the snow look authentic!

Simple Gingerbread - You can go as simply as using shape cutters, or challenge yourself to a house this year.

Sugar Cookies - These classics just beg to be decorated!

Santa Grahams - If you don't have time to do the baking and just want to get on with the decorating these are a treat.

Thumbprints - Great for even small children who can make the thumbprints in the middle for you.

Strawberry Santa Hats - For a less calorific treat.

Why not try these ones as gifts for a friend, neighbour or teacher!

Almond bark - The fun part of this is seeing it go from gooey chocolate to a hard bar! Why not try using white chocolate and swapping the almonds for crushed candy canes for a special treat?

Meringues - At Christmas, stick with red white and green, otherwise known as Santa hats, snow drifts and Christmas trees, as these look great nestled in a little basket!

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