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Our Favourite Christmas Crafts

Rather than show you our own attempts at crafts this season, we've been so impressed with what we found on the internet that we thought we'd share our favourites with you


The countdown to Christmas is beginning, and what better way to show your loved ones that you care (as well as making sure that the kids are busy!) than to make your very own festive crafts?

We scoured the internet for our favourite Yuletide creations that you can whip up on a budget...

Paper Trees

Paper Trees

These easy to assemble trees will make you and your children look like creative geniuses and all it takes is a few cupcake cases! Choose to mount them on cards or create your own festive village.

If you have little ones with Playmobil about, these are great to help create a winter scene.

Become a creative genius with cupcake cases

Glove Reindeer

Glove ReindeerIt's a rare occurrence that at the end of the winter season you have no unmatched gloves on your hands. Our suggestion - don't throw them away! Turn them into Stuffed Reindeer instead. Each one will be slightly different and have its own personality, be it Dasher, Dancer or Rudolph.

Sew up a Reindeer of your own

Snowman Coasters

Snowman CoastersThis craft can be decorative, or if you make a small amendment they are a useful winter coaster. We image the melting snow in the corner of the black foam, with enough space to rest your favourite festive mug!

Craft cool snowman coasters

Bottle Cap Snowmen

Bottle Cap SnowmenIf you start collecting bottle tops now, you just might have enough to assemble this nifty decoration before you set up your tree. If you are at a loss, and don't drink bottled beverages, a quick stop at your local pub should keep you in high supply!

With a little paint, glitter and imagination, your tree will have a frosty lift this year.

Go wild with bottle tops

Santa Napkin Rings

This was a blast from the past that made us think of the Christmas table when we were kids. A little felt, a few pompoms and you've got yourself a Vintage Santa.

These will look great on your table or in gift wrap for a friends and relatives...

Whip up vintage napkin rings

More Christmas crafts

Santa Napkin Rings

To continue getting creative this Christmas, check out our previous festive-themed crafts:

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