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Our Favourite Easter Activities for Children

With an early Easter, we're already being bombarded with images of cream eggs and furry pink bunnies, and I am sure more than one of you are thinking... How am I going to entertain the children for two weeks?


Fear not, we've tried to round up a list of our favourite things to do around the UK for the Easter Holidays, and Easter activities for children. We hope you'll have a chance to enjoy some of them!

Easter activities for kids

Easter egg hunts

Easter Egg Hunts, whether for chocolate or not are thrilling, competitive and eggciting!

Cadbury's have teamed up with the National Trust and National Trust Scotland to bring you Easter egg hunts across the country. Check out their website to find out where the closest one is to you! (March 29th to April 1st)

Heading to the Lake District? Join Peter Rabbit and find 50 ceramic eggs hidden in a 6800 sq km area. This hunt starts April 4th 2013 and Easter Egg Huntscontinues till all the eggs are found.

Wherever you are around the country, there are egg hunts galore. Be it the local farm, a heritage site, or a community group, keep your eyes open and you never know what you'll find!

Or make your own! Buy some wrapped chocolate eggs, the unwrapped ones tend to get soggy and sticky, and hide them around the garden or around the house depending on what you have access too! If the kids are bigger, why not lead them on a wild goose chase by leaving clues to different locations and hiding one bigger chocolate egg for them to find.


When we're little, and sometimes even when we grow up, we love to build cosy places like forts or turn tents into our own little palaces. So why not focus the building on a camp-in process over the Easter break, when things don't necessarily need to be cleaned up and put away before school the next day.

If you have a pup tent that can be erected without pegs, you can place it in the corner of a room and have the children deck out the insides with cushions and blankets and all things comfortable. If you don't have a tent, start from scratch and drape sheets over the edge of sofas and chairs. This is a great exercise in creativity and you may just discover a budding architect!

You'll find a few ideas here if you need some inspiration to get you started.

Plan a project over the Easter HolidaysPlan a project

If you're planning a day trip at some point in the week, why not turn the week into a chance to do some research, put together a scrap book and build the excitement.

Say you've decided on a trip to the aquarium or the museum. Pick a fish, mammal, or exhibit that interests your child. Look online, even take a trip to the library and learn what you can about sharks or mummies. Turn a day trip into a weeks' worth of activities!


Around the country there are museums and galleries who offer special activities for children during the school break. The Museum of London and Liverpool Museums have activities worth checking out! Try looking at your local museums website and see what they have in store for you.

Come Easter, the sun is usually trying to show its face and the chill is leaving the air, so why not use the break to explore local walking trails or if you're into geocaching, set yourselves a goal of how many caches you think you can find in a week. If you've not yet encountered geocaching, check it out. As the world's biggest treasure hunt, you'll no doubt be able to coax the children out of the house! On the subject of treasure hunts, if your kids are interested in solving mysteries, we stumbled across Treasure Trails a website that provides you with a map and clues for your children to follow.  While it isn't free, it takes up an entire afternoon and we felt this was £6 well spent!

If you live near other children who are around for the holidays, why not start a 5-a-side football tournament at the local park, or have the kids write and perform a play? By trading the kids around to different houses, or having parents supervise at other times, you'll still have time to get your chores done!

Movie madness

Odeon, Vue, Cineworld, and many more cinemas around the country open their doors to children at cut price rates on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Some theatres extend those hours over the Easter holidays. Take a look at what deals are available in your area at your local cinema!

create your own pic 'n' mix at homeAlternatively make your own movie madness! Make sure the seats are comfy, the film is ready and bring on the snacks! Making your own popcorn on the hob, or in a microwave, is quick and easy and kids get a kick out of watching the kernels eventually pop. Get a few bags of sweets from your local supermarket, and pop them in bowls and let the kids make their own pick 'n' mix. Top it off with a cup of hot cocoa for a decadent evening or rainy afternoon at your home cinema!

Clear out the junk

It's never a favourite task when its first suggested, but it's amazing what you can find when you have a clear out of clothes cupboards, toy boxes and arts and craft supplies!

Set small goals, don't expect everything to be done in one day and get the kids into the charitable spirit and by taking a trip down to the local charity shop with the items they no longer need or use. Or find out if there are any local jumble sales where your kids can learn the value of a few pounds and try their hands at selling their seconds.

Chill out and relax

Clear out the junk over the Easter Holidays

Remember that you don't have to entertain the kids all the time. Let them kick back, bake a cake, read a book, do some simple science or play a game. Spend a whole day in their pajamas, transport themselves to fairyland, or board a pirate ship. Let the children be children for a few weeks, they'll be back to school before you know it!

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