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Our Favourite Easter Crafts for The Whole Family

Easter's almost here! Get your family involved in decorating for the holiday and celebrate the onset of spring with these Easter-themed crafts


It's time to bring out the bunnies, eggs, and chicks to brighten up your home for Easter. We have found some craft ideas that might come in handy if your Easter decorations have seen better days and you would like some new ones, or you are looking for some fun and creative activities to do with your children.

From simple paper plate crafts for toddlers and educational egg shell planters to clothes pin bunnies and Easter egg piñatas, regardless of age or group size, there's lots here to entertain. 

Creative combinations

 style=Jelly bean tree

Bring a few tree branches indoors this spring, and have fun decorating them with jelly beans. Cover some branches in pastel-coloured beans and put them in a nice vase to make a jelly bean tree. Just watch out for children trying to eat the decorations, as the glue used should not be ingested! 

Pipe cleaner finger puppets

Home made finger puppetsThese finger puppets made out of pipe cleaners are easy for children of all ages to create and play with with. The materials you need are both cheap and easy to get, and once you have the basics your children can have fun being creative and make imaginative puppets to their heart's content. Remember the puppets are made to fit the finger they were fashioned on. 

Clothes pin bunniesClothes pin bunnies 

You'll be surprised at how straightforward these are to put together. They are super cute, and as well as being decorative, your children will enjoy playing with them and giving them different personalities. They can move location and you'll find some so popular they'll last past Easter. 

Egg-cellent ideas

Sharpie decorated Easter eggsSharp eggs

Avoid the mess so often created when painting eggs by using sharpies in different colours instead of watercolours. It's also a lot easier to draw smaller or more detailed patterns when using a sharpie vs a brush - for both big and small hands. 

Egg shell plantersEgg shell planters

This craft can be used as a decoration, or you could use it to grow your own herbs or plants! It's easy to put together, recycles material you probably already have, and if you fill the eggs with some soil and a few seeds your children can observe what happens as a plant grows.

Easter egg piñataEaster egg piñata

Whether you're throwing a party or making a special Easter treat, your children will have fun making these adorable piñatas - who doesn't love covering balloons with paper mache! Remind the children in advance that piñatas are made to be broken, so you don't end up with floods of tears. 

Easy Easter

Paper plate bunny mask Bunny mask 

There's nothing like a simple paper plate craft to involve the younger children in decorating for Easter. This simple template can be adapted in many different ways - let your toddler have a play and paint it any way they want. If they would rather be a chick than a bunny, just change the colour of paint and add a few pieces of construction paper. The mask can also be used for role play, storytelling and for playing dress up!

Easter cards

Easy Easter cardsWe're sure family and friends will love receiving a handmade Easter card from your little ones - even the youngest children can have fun creating these. Make it more interesting by adding different features like pompoms, feathers, felt and paint if you're in a creative mood, or if you have some left over craft material from other projects.

Paper plate chick craft

Paper plate chick craft

A paper plate, some construction paper, a bit of left over Easter grass and some googly eyes combined creates a cute chick that is easy to make for small hands. The decoration will look good on the fridge, on the wall, or perhaps your child would like to gift it to a friend or family member? Just make sure the Easter grass is securely glued on before you hang the chick on your fridge or on the wall - or you'll end up picking it up for days.

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