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Our Favourite Easter Crafts

We know that having a few crafty ideas up your sleeve can help make the never ending Easter holiday go by just a little faster, so here are a few of our favourites...


With many children having 3+ weeks off school, a few mildly educational and always entertaining activities will never go a miss.

We haven't reinvented the wheel; in fact, we want to share the ideas of some talented individuals with you...

Crafts for Easter celebrations

Brightly Coloured Bonnets

Easter Bonnets

Not everyone likes a parade, but who doesn't love an Easter bonnet? The activity is super simple and you'll likely have everything you need around your house.

Whether you have a few old magazines lying around or a box of haberdashery you haven't touched in years, the children will enjoy decorating these ever colourful hats.

Timeless Egg Creations   

Egg CreationsYou may or may not take the time to empty the eggs before you start to decorate them - but if you do, the fragile eggs will last much, much longer. Simply decorated, these little chicks are hard to get wrong, and with the right amount of imagination you could create any number of spring animals.

Scavenger Hunt of Challenges

Scavenger Hunt

You can either use this craft as suggested, or use the idea to imagine and create your own egg hunt filled with challenges; we're sure an Easter treat for the winners, or everyone who completes it, is in order.

Hiding colourful eggs around the house or garden can be a suitable activity for one or many children, and the harder the challenges the more time you can fill! You can even vary the challenges by age group, colour coding eggs for the harder challenges with more difficult hiding places.

Rainbow Garlands

Rainbow GarlandIf you've been redecorating lately you'll be familiar with the little cards or booklets you can take home to decide what colour your walls will be, but what do you do with them after? Take a look at this nifty garland using a simple template, good for anyone who's old enough to use a pair of scissors.

If you run out of swatches you can use any coloured cardboard, including cereal or tissue boxes, for a colourful effect.

Egg HoldersEgg Holders

You may decide to use these to house your decorative eggs or simply for your breakfast on Easter morning. Whatever the use, this simple craft will brighten up any table setting! Using a few bits and bobs from around the house, you'll have bunnies before you know it!

Spring-themed Easter crafts

A Spring Garden

Spring GardenIt may be too early to find your flowers blooming in the garden, but here's a few ideas on how to make a garden that doesn't require tending! If you can't find coloured craft stick, spread the activity out over a few days and paint the sticks yourselves... the kids will have fun watching the project unfold.

Sunshine and Rainbows

After a few months of grey skies, most of us are ready for a holiday - but if you're stuck indoors and there's no exotic location in sight, these sunshines are sure to brighten up your day. With a few paper plates, coloured paper or ribbon and clothes pegs you'll be off to a good start.

Children of every age will be able to add their own personal touch to these colourful ideas.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Sun and 


Hungry CaterpillarThis activity is perfect if you and your children were fans of the Eric Carle book! A little bit of paint and a penchant for messy play are all you need. Once you've created caterpillars, why not challenge your children to see what other insects they can make with their hands!

Wall Art

Wall ArtIf you have a large space in a child's bedroom or playroom that you're looking to fill, there are some great visual ideas here that will bring any room to life. Our favourite is number 4, and we reckon you could get the children to help - this design involves a canvas which, depending on your adhesive, should would stick directly to most walls!

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