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Our Favourite 'Favourites' of 2015

To ring in the New Year, we've rounded up the Top Ten Favourites Articles of 2015 - if one of these was your favourite, why not share it with friends and family?


2015 was a year filled with informative articles covering a range of topics, from setting boundaries for teenagers, to car seat safety tips. These are the ten most popular ones.

If there's a subject you'd like us to cover in Our Favourites in 2016, please email [email protected] with your suggestions. We're always looking for new and exciting topics!

Your Top Ten of 2015

1) Handling Children's Behaviour

How should you react when children act in a way you don't expect or desire? Children demonstrate their understanding of the world through their behaviours and, as they grow, these are demonstrated with emotions and in ways that can tend to displease us.

Due to children's limited language skills, this can manifest in anger, sadness and frustration; a child can easily get over-excited, which you will need to handle too! We asked behavioural expert Miranda Russell for her suggestions on how to handle this tricky behaviour

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2) Car Seat Safety Tips

With roads getting busier and cars getting faster, it has never been more important to buckle your little ones in. Accidents are the most frequent cause of death among children, and 40% of these happen in cars. While not all accidents can be avoided, the severity of the injuries can sometimes be limited if your child is fastened in properly.

In the first quarter of 2015, the government once again changed the regulations around car seats, so we asked Lisa Walford, inventor of the Safe Sleep Seat, to provide us with the basics.

Read: Our Favourite Car Seat Safety Tips

3) Setting Boundaries for Teens

We've all heard stories about unruly teens, but setting house rules and consequences helps families cope through difficult periods. We live in a world of boundaries and structure. Without these, there would be chaos. Teenagers recognise rules and boundaries at school and the consequences when these rules are broken.

We asked Barbara Whiting-Smith, a Parent Support Adviser, to offer some advice to parents on how to set effective boundaries with their teenagers.

Read: Our Favourite Ways of Setting Boundaries for Teens

4) Key Stages in Child Development

All children grow and develop in their own way, in their own time. Play and time spent is serious business to help them learn, so never underestimate its influence on your child's development!

The development of your child is fascinating. To think you can encourage this through play and interaction is well worth the time invested - it will pay dividends in terms of the social, physical and intellectual development of your baby right through to their school years and beyond.

Read: Our Favourite Key Stages in Child Development

5) Things You Should Know About the End of Childcare Vouchers

Childcare Vouchers are set to end in 2017, just in time for the new school year. It will be replaced by the government's own scheme called Tax-Free Childcare. We teamed up with Co-operative Flexible Benefits and found out what you need to know.

Read: Our Favourite Things You Should Know About the End of Childcare Vouchers

6) Newborn Essentials

Shopping for baby means knowing yourself, the space you have and keeping an eye open for bargains! Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to separate the "essentials" for newborns from the "luxuries", how to spot the items you simply can't live without and how to avoid spending hundreds of pounds on non-essential items.

With these thoughts in mind, we thought we'd turn to the experts at The Baby Show for a list of ten essential items for newborns.

Read: Our Favourite Newborn Baby Essentials

7) Tips to Combat Fussy Eating

When it comes to meal times, children can be notoriously picky. Fussy eaters can be frustrating, but take a moment to think about your own eating habits...

If you've got fussy eaters at home there are a few things to remember that will help you introduce new foods, understand their crinkled faces, and make it through the other side.

Read: Our Favourite Tips to Combat Fussy Eating

8) Books That Teach a Lesson

Children's books have many different purposes, from soothing to entertaining, and in a lot of cases, they form part of the way we teach life's lessons

The thing to look out for is finding books that fit with your moral compass that contain messages you want your child to interact with - and if you find an author you like, stick with them!

We selected some of our favourite children's books that give us an opportunity to broach a tricky subject and allow children to ask questions.

Read: Our Favourite Books That Teach a Lesson

9) Ways to Teach About Stranger Danger

No one wants to think about what can happen when your child talks to a stranger, and in many cases the result is nothing more than a harmless conversation.

If fact, how often have you found yourself engaging with someone else's child at the park or on public transport?

Unfortunately, not all strangers are alike, and it's important to be vigilant and provide your children with the information they need to stay safe.

Read: Our Favourite Ways to Teach About Stranger Danger

10) Ways to Spot Invisible Learning Difficulties

Public Health England estimates suggest that learning disabilities affect 286,000 children in the UK. A learning disability is where a person has a significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information, struggles to learn new skills and has a reduced ability to cope independently.

With thousands of UK children diagnosed with learning disabilites, recognising an invisible one can be tricky. We share some expert advice on how to spot a child with SEND, and make it manageable.

Read: Our Favourite Ways to Spot Invisible Learning Difficulties

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