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Our Favourite Halloween Crafts and Tasty Treats

From ghouls and ghosts to bats and... baking! Halloween's here but forget buying your decorations and treats, we show you how to craft and cook all the spooky bits you need


At one time Halloween was a celebration that didn't really permeate British homes or schools, but with each year the celebrations get bigger and bigger, and touch more and more households.

Whether you're looking for spooky crafts or baking ghoulish treats for your child's school or party, we've rounded up our favourites. They range from simple to spectacular... how far do you dare to venture this Halloween?

Ghostly figures


A great alternative for pumpkins with open flames, these ghosts withstand the elements and you only need a few items to make them spooktacular.


Strawberry scream

They may not be the most seasonal of fruit at the end of October, but a few of these ghostly figures will make any Halloween event a little more delicious. Simple and straightforward, this is a great activity for even the littlest participants.

Going batty

Egg carton bat

Another simple but effective craft for all ages. A little paint, a few googly eyes and you're all set.

Hang a colony of these bats from the ceiling for a hair-raising welcome!

Baked bat signal

While this is not recommended for first time bakers, it's a lot simpler than it looks.

We guarantee you'll impress all of your guests, young and old... and you might even find the bat mobile parked in your driveway.

Pumpkin patch

Pumpkin votives

If the idea of gutting a pumpkin is low on your list of priorities, try these mini pumpkin candle holders. Not only are they impressive, they're less messy and a great substitute for the real thing that you can use year after year. A smiling face without the mess!

Pumpkin macaroons

We've got to admit that these delicious French/Italian biscuits are the perfect shape to be turned into pumpkins. If you're seasoned in the art of macaroons this will seem a simple addition to your repertoire. If you're starting from scratch, be patient, and admit early on that you might have to give this one a few tries.

Crafty cats

Classy cats

Simple but classy these cats are easy enough for youngsters but offer room for creativity. If you're looking for a last minute craft, you'll find you have most of these items at home, or you'll find close alternatives.

Crumbly cats

A substitute for your favourite sugar cookie or shortbread recipe, this is more about your decorative creativity than the base! A great group activity and fun for the whole family... what else can you add to make your cats more realistic?

Spectacular spiders


Spider web spectacular! A natural phenomenon that crafting rarely does justice, but these web-o-spheres are a unique take on a classic craft and look beautiful when finished. Just like every web, they will all turn out differently, regardless of your crafty skills, this is one you should try your hand at.

Spider egg-strordinaire

Devilled eggs are a staple for picnics and community fairs, but they've yet to grace our Halloween feasts, which is why these delightful treats caught our eyes. This healthy snack will delight and surprise youngsters and impress the adults. Who knows, you may even get those non olive eaters involved!

Wicked witches

Mason jar witches

Again, it only takes a few simple items to give your old jam jars new life. Use battery operated votives as this is a flammable craft, but they make a great bedside lamp for the more adventurous.

Witches' hats

Think simple, but delicious! The basics are easy, just attach the cone to the biscuit and add sprinkles, but here's where you can get creative. Coat the outsides with a thin layer of icing, and add more decoration, or try filling the cone with treats, like fruits, or ice cream. Just remember to keep them in the freezer until you're ready to serve them.

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