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Halloween Fireworks First Aid and Safety Tips

Dark evenings and excited children can prove a dangerous combination, so we asked the experts at First Aid for Life to compile their top tips and suggestions to help you keep your family safe throughout the autumn festivities


Halloween and Bonfire Night can be magical for little ones with the excitement of Trick or Treating and Fireworks. But getting the perfect little costume and stocking up on chocolate bars are only the first steps of ensuring an evening full of fun. So before you step out into the dark with your little monsters, princesses or superheroes, don't forget to be proactive about safety and prepare for small emergencies to make sure this will be a night to remember.

Top tips

  • Take a torch
  • Be careful with fancy dress as they are usually not very warm or waterproof so children can get very cold. They are not usually flame resistant so you need to be very careful around naked flames
  • Always hold your little ones' hands and be ready in case something scares them causing them to panic and run
  • Be aware that the sweets being offered may not be the freshest or most hygienic and they will definitely not have been screened for anyone with a nut allergy!


"Over a four week period around November 5th more than 1,000 people are likely to suffer injuries due to fireworks. Of these accidents, nearly 600 are likely to occur at home or private parties and nearly 400 accidents involve children under the age of 13."

The safest way to enjoy Fireworks is to go to a properly organised display. If you are planning fireworks at home, invest in an appropriately stocked first aid kit, a bucket of sand, have access to plenty of water, a fire blanket and a bottle of sterile saline to irrigate eyes. Check all fireworks conform to British Standards and you have sufficient space to ignite them safely. 


"Sparklers get six times as hot as a pan of cooking oil or as hot as a welder's torch."

Sparklers burn fiercely and are not suitable for children under the age of five. 

  • Light sparklers one at a time and always wear gloves
  • Always supervise children with sparklers and ensure they stand still, a good distance from other people
  • Have a bucket of sand to put used sparklers into and ensure no one picks them up until they have completely cooled.

To gain first-hand knowledge of what to do in a medical emergency, face to face or online first aid courses can leave you more confident. 

Emma Hammett, First Aid for Life

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