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Our Favourite Ways to Keep Baby Warm Over the Winter

Do you constantly wonder if your child is too hot, too cold or just right? Merino Kids offer up advice on how to keep them toasty without overheating


We all know that, in the UK, the months between January and March seem long, dark, and bone-chillingly cold! As adults we can warm up under a hot shower or ward off a chill with a cup of coffee or something a little stronger, but neither of these are an option for our little ones - so keeping them warm needs to be our top priority to start with.

When you are looking to keep your baby warm, it all starts with choosing the right fabrics, and there are lots of choices; from cotton and bamboo to lycra and wool.

Tinies asked the team at Merino Kids why they chose to work with Merino wool:

"We love Merino wool which is why we use it as our fibre of choice throughout our collection. Merino wool is nature's best: it is a product that has evolved over a million years and is now regarded as a 'wonder fibre' that creates the perfect environment to keep our cherubs warm, dry and safe throughout the day and night."

Some of the plus sides of Merino wool:

  • It breathes, controlling moisture next to the skin
  • It regulates temperature naturally and reduces the worry about overheating. You no longer have to deal with all those confusing tog ratings
  • It improves sleep routines for children and parents
  • It reduces skin irritations and allergies due to its hypoallergenic properties
  • It is soft and comfortable next to delicate skin
  • It has natural antibacterial properties

Regardless of the material you choose, there are a few tips to remember when dressing your little ones up for a frosty walk or a moonlit stroll.

Tips for keeping your baby warm in winter

Our friends at Merino Kids have put together some top tips for keeping your baby warm during the long winter months.

Layers are important for babies

Wear a few thin layers of warm clothes as you need to be able to add and remove them as temperatures fluctuate and activity levels change. This is particularly important for small babies, as they are quite sedentary in a pram, and small children, who are quite active and get hot much faster!

As a good measure, think about how many layers you are wearing and add one more; this should keep your baby nice and snug. Remember to remove layers when you go back inside as they will heat up quickly - and a sweaty baby gets cold and clammy when your return to the winter air.

The reason we like layering with Merino wool is that each piece of clothing acts as an insulator and the warm air gets trapped between each layer. This means your child's body temperature remains constant, regardless of what they are up to and those hot sticky meltdowns are kept to the minimum.

Thermal layers for baby

Remember that extra layer we mentioned? Adding a thermal layer underneath your baby's clothes will keep them warm from the core.

If you don't have any thermals, substituting tights, an extra baby grow, or a vest will act as a base layer as well, before covering your kids up in pullovers or sweaters.

Heads, hands and baby feet

We've all been told that we lose heat out of the top and bottom of our bodies, so keeping our heads, hands and feet warm is a necessity. Even as adults, we will usually feel the cold first in our hands, feet and ears. We all know how hard it is to be alert and cheerful when our outer extremities are turning blue!

Getting your child to wear a hat can be difficult as not all babies will leave them on. Finding a hat with a snug fit, ear flaps, and a tie string can help make the "battle of the headgear" a winning one.

While mitten strings get annoying as kids get older, they are a must for small babies, not only are they wriggling around and will not notice when they drop one, you can also set the string at a length that makes taking them off that extra bit more challenging.

Keeping feet warm can be difficult. Having one or two warm layers is helpful, but the air needs room to circulate so don't pack tender tootsies in too tight or you'll find they are almost as cold as leaving them bare.

Keeping baby warm at night in winter

When it comes to night time, the challenge begins! Again you need to find a balance between too hot and too cold. We don't recommend space heaters as they can be a safety hazard, so keeping central heating at a constant temperature and making their sleep environment a snug one is a great place to start.

Using insulated curtains and carpeting in a room can also help to make the room a warmer place. When it comes to bedding, find a warm under-layer that you can tuck snuggly around the mattress. As more and more professionals recommend not using lots of blankets, we recommend sleep bags as a good way to keep them warm. At Merino Kids, our favourite one is the Go Go Bag made from 100% superfine merino wool. 

Enjoy a toasty Winter!

Jodi, Alex, Nicki, Emilie, Patrizia, David & Caroline at Merino Kids

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