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Our Favourite Maths Websites for All Ages

I hate maths! How many times have we heard this statement uttered? But do children really hate maths, or do they just not understand it?


Children learn at different paces and sometimes, something just doesn't click. The question is, where did the understanding stop?

Maths is a skill in which each part builds on previous understanding. If one doesn't understand what numbers are, how can they add them? If they don't understand what a fraction is, how can they calculate percentages?

As a parent supervising maths homework it's important to figure out where the understanding breaks down, and start from there.

The best maths websites for kids

Maths can be a source of frustration, but when the understanding clicks, it can be fun!

Maths isn't something we are all good at, and sometimes the problems our children bring home leave us scratching our heads. Luckily there are lots of websites out there now that can help you to refresh your memory and help your children to learn and practice the concepts.

Some of them follow the curriculum directly, while others have taken maths principles and made them fun. Not all of them are free, but you'll soon discover what you and your child need and which site or sites work for you!


Cost: Free
Covers: Reception to Year A Levels

This is a great collection of games which are skill set specific, including place values, shapes, multiplication and much more. Some of the games take a long time to load, but be patient, it's worth it!


Cost: Free (to a point)
Subject: Learning to tell time

This site provides you with the tools to teach time slowly, as well as rapid fire practice and converting digital to analogue. The games on this site are simple and addictive as you try to beat your own score!


Cost: Free
Age Range: Ages 3 to 11

Slightly more basic than other sites, this provides worksheet like fill in the blanks games. Great for practicing, addition, subtraction, multiplication and other sum based equations for accuracy and speed.


Cost: Free
Age range: 4 to 16+

The BBC has put together a comprehensive set of activities for all ages. Just make sure your shock wave player is up to date, as the games require this software. These exercises will keep you busy for extended periods and, as they follow the curriculum, it's easy to keep up with classroom progress.


Cost: Free
Subject: Memory and Sequence

Be prepared to download an installation to use this website and some of these games are really hard! This site has lots of games dealing with memory function, be it learning sequences, or finding pairs.


Cost: Free
Age range: Mainly Primary

Covering all of the basic principles of numeracy, while providing a unique take on basic equations, as well as real life applications, Activity Village is a fun way to practice your math skills.


Cost: Free
Subject: Various

Although this site is from America, and not particularly easy on the eyes, it does have some perks! Print your own flash cards, and bend your mind with some rather zany questions that will help both you and your child think outside the box.


Cost: £7.99/month
Age range: Reception to Year 10

If you are looking for interaction and reporting this site comes out on top. From endless problems to a reporting suite, you can keep up with what your child is working on and where they have struggled. Even better, when a question is answered wrongly, an explanation is provided for why it is wrong and how they should answer a question like this in the future.

There is a cost associated with this site, although there are lots of exercises you can sample for free before you decide if this is right for you.


Cost: £15.95/month
Age range: Reception to A Levels

Focusing on video tutorials, this website allows you to pause, rewind and replay lessons with your online teacher. Providing diagnostic test after the units allows for students to see where they are not understanding things, and the lessons have been put together by a teacher. If you are someone who gets frustrated explaining things over and over again, this may be a solution for you.

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