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Our Favourite Moments with Male Role Models

Sharing a story, fixing or building something or baking a cake, most of us have a moment we remember smiling up at the male role model beside us


For some of us, these relationships will be with fathers, for others it may be an Uncle, a teacher or a family friend. Regardless of who it is, most of us will remember a moment in time when we were glad to have someone by our sides, or on the other end of the phone. Somewhere along the line, a strong positive male influence has made an impact on our lives.

Being a good male role model for children

In recognition of International Men's Day we've pulled together some of our favourite memories of time we spent with the men in our lives.

Take time to remember the positive men in your life this month, maybe it was when you first rode your bike and they picked you up off the road or gave you a high-five when you won an award, or the time you needed to change a tire and you knew what to do because he showed you, or a night of camping out in the back garden when you swore you weren't afraid of anything, but were secretly thankful to have a protector sleeping beside you.

Everyone's experiences are different but we hope some of ours make you smile or spark a memory of your own.

Dancing partner

Teaching his daughter to danceOne of my best memories of my Dad (he died when I was 14) was him teaching me to waltz. I would have been about 5 or 6 and he had me stand on his feet as he waltzed around the room - it was a wonderful feeling, I felt like I was flying. Laimdota

Sporting hero

When I was growing up I was not the tallest of kids, actually I was the shortest in every class photo throughout my entire childhood. My dad coached many sports teams that I played on as I grew up, and when he didn't coach he was there for every game, cheering from the sidelines, celebrating in success, and consoling in defeat.

The most important lesson he ever taught me was to be bigger than everyone else on the field. That lesson started by helping me to pick myself up when I got knocked down by the bigger boys, calming me down when someone taller caught the ball that I couldn't reach. By teaching me how to use the other skills that I possessed to gain an advantage, I learned ways to prove what I was capable to those who thought I couldn't compete with them because of my size.

As I got older, the lesson remained the same, but it took on a new meaning.

Be bigger than everyone else on the field, now meant that I had to learn empathy, compassion, and sportsmanship.

Being bigger was now about more than size, it was about an attitude that has led me to accept a challenge and take on new opportunities without a fear of being too "small" to show myself what I can do.

He instilled within me a drive to prove to myself what I am capable of doing, without making it about beating others. The lessons I learned on the field and the court as a kid now help to guide me through my life, letting me know he's still watching from the sidelines. Craig

Morning memories

When my mom went back to work, my dad used to get me ready for school every morning. He'd plait my hair and fix my uniform. That was a special time for us that not everyone had. Tania


I remember my dad taking me to the pier when I was little and he would compose little songs for me while we sat with our feet dangling over the edge. Agne

Something's fishy

My father wasn't around when I was a child but my Uncle always used to take me out for the day. I remember one day he took me fishing, and I caught my first fish. The look of surprise on his face was enough to make my day, but it didn't end there. His adage was if you caught it, you prepared it, cooked it and ate it. I'll never forget learning to fillet a fish or the look of pride on my Uncle's face. Michelle

Stonehenge and beyond

Baiting a fishing hook

Like his own father and grandfather, my father was quite a shaman type, involved with healing, shaman tricks, clairvoyance, astrology, herbalism, fire walking and so forth ... and as a child I went along to a lot of these things when he was around.

The first, biggest, impact I remember was when he had to be in Devon for a healing workshop event. I was 6 years old at the time. We were going down the A303 and were passing Stonehenge at sunset. This was in 1957, a time when nobody visited Stonehenge, nobody had much interest it, and my father could drive right up to it in the middle of a field with no fences. My own thought at 6 was "What on earth went on here?" - A moment that marked a lot with what I have done with my life since.

After that incident I spent my youth and teenage years cycling off to all kinds of ancient sites and native woodlands, my other passion. My uncle often cycled with me as my father worked overseas for much of my childhood so times together were rare. My Uncle also loved bicycles, and made sure to mine was in good condition.

When I had my own children (4), we also went off together on adventures to ancient sites and woodlands. And when they turned up recently, after a few years apart and now in their 30's, the first thing they asked was "Hey Dad, can we go off and explore some local stone circles with a picnic?"

My memory has influenced generations. John

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