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Our Favourite Homemade Gifts for Mum this Mother's Day

Every year we round up some of our favourite homemade gift ideas for Mother's Day - from afternoon tea to garden accessories, we've found and compiled a few gems


From those who are crafty to those who end up with glue everywhere, we're looking forward to seeing what the creative kids out there can do for their mums this year.

Marble Mugs

This is an inexpensive craft, if you have a nail polish crazy individual in the house. Finding the blank mugs is the first priority.  This craft needs some adult supervision as nail polish can be hard to get out of other surfaces. If you want to add a few colours, you can try layering the effect once the first layer is dry.

String Art

This may be a little fiddly, but the final product is worth the effort. Keep the heart shape or choose something personal to mum - she'll be overwhelmed with the sentiment. Make sure there's an adult on hand to help hammer in the outline nails and then let the little ones add some colour.

Floral Impressions

This is a simple idea, that looks really impressive. Try it with flowers and then see where your imagination takes you. An old bicycle wheel for the cycling mum or a pair of old trainers immortalised will make a very personal gift for mum. Make sure that you create this activity in an open space with plenty of ventilation and choose items to spray that you know will never be the same again.

Vegetable Flowers

For those who need a last minute option, vegetable print cards are a great option that are usually close to hand. You can use everything from the ends of lettuce to potato stamps, just add a touch of paint! Personalise a card for mum with these unforvegetable ideas.

For the Birds

If mum's a nature lover, this is a great way to combine using their fine motor skills and feeding the birds. Make sure to use plain hoop cereals so as not to send those little tails into a sugar spin! The little ones might need help shaping the hearts, but the big kids will be able to create this craft on their own.

Apron Design

For the bakers, artists, gardeners, etc among your mums - this apron is a great way to save their outfits with a little love. Let each of your children leave a little mark on this gift. If you can't find a blank canvas, turn one inside out and give it a new lease on life.

Thumb Print Jewellery

Give the gift of thumb prints this Mother's Day. You can use any type of material that hardens - from salt dough to craft clay. Choose mums favourite colour, and you'll find this keepsake is one that lasts a lifetime. It's quite simple and can even be a great gift from newborns to mums.

Home Grown Helpers

Everyone loves a little extra help, so mums will really enjoy a few extra moments to put their feet up or share an experience with the ones she loves. Let each child choose things they would like to do with mum or that they think they could help with. This will mean different things for different children and will make each posy unique. This is a thoughtful gift hat costs nothing.

Ten Things

Or twenty, you pick the number and make it as personal as you can. This one can come from kids - or from partners - and will leave mum with a warm fuzzy feeling. It's a good exercise for the children, and you'll be amazed at some of the things they come up with. It's also a gift that you can pull together from things you have at home.

Happy Crafting, and please remember to share your Mother's Day gifts with us here.

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