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Our Favourite Random Acts of Kindness

Celebrated on February 17th, National Random Acts of Kindness Day has grown in popularity each year. It is a special day aiming at encouraging small acts of kindness to create a better world. Not only can moments of kindness brighten someone's day, celebrating these acts can help us reflect on how we live for the rest of the year too.


Acts of kindness can benefit our overall wellbeing in surprising ways. Non-profit, KindLab, have examined and measured kindness in 45 countries to investigate how this can improve our physical and mental health- and there are a number of useful findings. Acts of kindness lower the impact of stress and social anxiety, and they have also found that kindness and empathy from a doctor could shorten the effects of a cold by a day. Perhaps then, kindness can benefit us in the long run and not just bring a smile to our faces and those of others. Here are a few simple suggestions of how you can spread kindness... what have you done to be kind to someone lately? 

Give up your Seat on Public Transport

An easy, but effective way of making someone's life easier! Bonus points for offering your seat without being asked- the less the recipient feels like a burden the better.

Help the Environment

You can do this in many ways. If the logistics of having a vegetarian day don't work, then maybe you could try and eat locally sourced food for a day? Or buy naturally conscious honey? Alternatively, why not try doing something as a family and plant a garden together? You can experiment with different plants and even grow your own food!

Be Kind to your Server

A simple thank you may seem like a given, but we are more likely to show negative comments than positive ones. Letting your waiter or barista know they're appreciated improves everyone's day.

Be Polite on the Road

Okay, this one is more for the adults but remember- your children are watching- if you're an aggressive driver they'll follow this example! Road rage is a vice that we're all guilty of sometimes. However, if everyone tried to be slightly more courteous on the roads, it'd be a much less stressful place. Perhaps on Random Acts of Kindness Day you could take the opportunity to calmly accept other's mistakes whilst driving? No one's perfect!

Reuse Bags and Water Bottles

I'm sure we've all seen the startling images of previously pristine oceans, now filled with floating swarms of plastic. This day is the perfect chance to cut down on your plastic use and feel better about your contribution to littering.

These are all simple suggestions. Tell us what you and your children do to be kind to others - on Random Acts of Kindness Day, and every day.

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