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Our Favourite Reasons to Put Down the iPad

...or any other technological device that's lurking around the corner


Technology has given us so many things to be thankful for, however it's also changed the way we live our lives. Some of these changes have been positive - flexible working being one of them - but what are we losing?

Family time

OK so it may not be realistic to think every family would still have a games night or sit around the table together every night if we didn't have technology, but at least there would be a possibility. While I was out for dinner last week I observed a family having a meal together. There were 5 people and 8 devices at the table. No one spoke to each other after their meals had been ordered and they hardly even looked up to eat. When did this become acceptable?


Simple manners seem to disappear when children are glued to a screen. They fail to look up when someone enters a room or offer a salutation when someone arrives. They become so engrossed in the virtual world that they forget how to behave in the real world.

Imagination and motor skills

Imagination does have a place in technology, but it stunts imagination in day to day life. Colouring in a picture using crayons, or physically having to put together the pieces of a puzzle rather than swiping the screen.


It's true we seem to spend less time outside and more time looking at what nature looks like on our screens. But you can't pick up that worm or stroke the cat in the videos. We can learn the sounds that animals make, but what does a farm yard smell like and how does it feel when you jump into a puddle of water. There are so many simple pleasures to be found in nature that we are forgetting about when we power on the device.

Social Skills

Play dates used to involve running around, and playing games of make believe. In some houses, they still do. But in many cases, you encounter two children on screens with headphones in - not a word being spoken.


Children are doing less physical activity now than they did years ago. Technology is a contributing factor as most devices encourage sitting still.

So think about your children's screen time this summer, and encourage them to have technology-free time every day.

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